Backlink is a term that is often referred to in the world of SEO. Backlinks are links that come (connected) from the content / pages of other websites. Quality backlinks come from websites that have high quality. Google will make an assessment based on reputation or link authority. The more quality webpage profiles that are linked to your content, the higher the search engine ranking you will get.

How to Build Quality Backlinks in 2019

Quoted from Shout Me Loud (, there are 3 reasons why backlinks are important. The 3 reasons are increasing organic ranking, speeding up indexing, and getting referral traffic. To achieve high seo rank, quality backlinks are needed. Taken from Backlinko (, here are ways or strategies to build quality baclinks in 2019.

1. Publish Skyscraper Content

Skyscraper content is content that is based on content / topics that have proven popular and easily found in search engines. The trick is to search content through Google and make the content better. Promote the content you make and don't forget to make backlinks from the content that you created.

2. Become a resource person

One way to build quality backlinks is to connect with websites that are already popular. To do this you can take advantage of the free information-giving service called HARO (Help a Reporter Out). You can include your content / answers from searches or questions raised by many people. If your answer is satisfactory, people will provide a backlink.

3. Build Links from Expired Sources

The next backlink optimization is to build links from sources that are no longer popular, even expire. To do this, look for websites that have changed their name or URL, stop providing and renewing services, and websites that are dead. The next step is to find and determine which links are connected and can be connected.

4. Using the Right Content Format

If you want a lot of backlinks, create the following content: content lists (lists), quizzes, explanations (why), tutorials (how to), infographics, and multimedia. The content guarantees a lot of proven backlinks based on research made by BuzzSumo. Even so, you still cannot ignore the quality or content of the content.

5. Create "Ultimate" Content

The strategy of making the 5th quality backlink is to create "ultimate" content. What is meant by ultimate content is content that contains a comprehensive or comprehensive guide or explanation. For example, you make a complete guide to cultivating catfish. Your content is long, for grouping (include links) or steps, and make it as complete and complete as possible.

6. Create Strategies and Techniques with Unique and Unique Names

When you create content describing strategies, tips and tricks, or steps (step by step), don't hesitate to build a unique image by naming the strategy. The name you use must certainly give the impression you want to convey. For example, you call the catfish cultivation technique the name "millionaire catfish technique". It is not impossible you will get backlinks from that name.

7. Get the Link Authority from Resource Pages

A resource page is a web page that contains sources and links that are relevant to the topic discussed. Suppose a blog with the content of the types of perfume will include many sources (links) related to the types of perfume. How to do it? Look for the resource page you want (relevant topic), then ask the owner of the page to request a link. Simple isn't it?


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