If you are asking and asking for recommendations for a good SEO tool for your website.
We have a little simple description of SEO tools that you are on the market.

Some people like to use the keyword tool.
But because there is a lot of information on the internet.

We only give a big picture about, AdWords keyword tool, YouTube keyword tool, Google trends.
You can check yourself on Google and find out the benefits.

Currently sales don't have to use keywords.
Regarding the sale of products you must know about branding.

How people believe in you.
We have just researched using fbads.
And the results are good.

Facebook ads convert installs to 50 app downloads for $ 5.

I still use Facebook ads for new businesses.
Because I know SEO will run slowly on the website.
Seo as a complement

You can also use the keyword SEO tool I mentioned above.
If you are not an expert the results will definitely be slow too.

Therefore we have used the Facebook ads strategy for fast marketing and we will also plan to do Facebook ads for our fiverr gigs.

Because we understand that currently competition in fiverr is tight.

Many sellers do not encourage sales of gigs.
Because competition is very tight.

A few months ago we also used ninjablaster.

It's good for Facebook Groub.
One disadvantage is that we must know.
How do google algorithms work for bots.
It could be that our Facebook account is suspended.
Because using a tool.
But after we researched it on our local business account.

Facebook will not block your Facebook if:

You only post 5 large groub in 1 day.
Facebook account verified with resident card and telephone number.
Do not post the link on the Facebook Groub.

We are currently working on many projects.

Some of them are grab clones for Indonesia in our city.

Im and I continue to work for this project.

Some projects will crash because there are too many offers.
If we don't focus, of course we will fail.

We currently focus on offline sales. While online projects are done with SEO and burn money.
Because we understand the focus will determine the success and conversion of a website.
Like our site that continues to get orders.

But because we are very busy.
The site is abandoned and we will improve immediately for some of our clients.

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