'Reasons Why Your FaceBook Is Blocked' '
There are 10 basic reasons why your Facebook account is blocked, namely:

1. Do not use real names. Never use a nickname because Facebook can find out.

2. Joining too many groups. Facebook only limits every user joining only 200 groups.

3. Too many messages or Walls in a Group. For my experience, I've been blocked by Facebook 3 times because I often do this. Hehe ...

4. Make friends with too many friends in a day. Facebook only limits every user to add as many as 50 people a day, and the maximum limit of friends is 5000 people.

5. You are not honest with where you go to school. Suppose you are 15 years old, but claiming to be a Harvard graduate, maybe Facebook is blocking your account.

6. Too much "Poke". What is poke? Poke is a Facebook facility to poke people. My advice is to use Poke for people you really like.

7. Send the same message to many people, because you will be suspected of SPAMMER.

8. Accounts that are made not human, for example you have a pet then make it Facebook for a sensation event, maybe the account will be blocked.

9. Facebook limits the age of users over 13 years old, if your age is between 13-18 years old and applies unnecessarily, such as filling in information about work or done by adults, the account might be blocked.

10. You report too many people, for example, you often send walls to groups and speak harshly, maybe many will report you. The more you report, the faster your account will be blocked. So fine if you write something on Facebook ^ _ ^

If your Facebook has been blocked, send an email with a complaint to this Facebook admin email:


After that, wait for a reply from Facebook. Don't forget to use polite language.
Usually this method is very effective, to restore a Facebook account that has been blocked.
It's long enough to wait for an email reply from Facebook, the important thing is you are patient. ^ _ ^

There may be many other reasons why your Facebook is blocked. If you play Facebook, play normally. If your account is blocked with unclear reasons, usually Facebook gives a warning first ...


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