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Talking about SEO can not be separated from the term BACKLINK.

What is backlink ??

Backlinks are links / links that are on other sites and point to our site. Backlinks are also known as inbound links. Backlinks are an important aspect in terms of SEO, because backlinks will open your site to be positioned on the search engine (Page One). Many search engines, including Google, make backlinks an aspect of the algorithm. If your website has a high number of quality backlinks, then your website will be better viewed by Google. Copas on site: seotodidak * com

And now I'm not discussing how to get quality backlinks but how to buy quality backlinks ..

Okee ... when you want to buy a backlink service on a fiverr site there are a number of things that we have to pay attention so that we don't lose later after we buy backlinks. because there are backlinks that have a bad impact on our site ... there are two possibilities after we buy backlinks
1. Traffic Up
2. Traffic Down or even a Deindex blog: /

and once I experienced it because it was overbacklink so I deindexed my blog: D

How to Buy Quality Backlinks on Fiverr

1. Login first to the Fiverr site => fiverr * com Can use Facebook / Google Plus / Register a lot of it ..
2. At the Find Service type "Backlink"

3. Then the services will come out backlinks (gigs) as shown below

4. Look for the type of backlink that suits your taste but by paying attention to:
Number of Backlinks Do not need a lot of tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of clear backlinks like this many made use of software (as long as spam)
just choose High PR and there aren't too many
and then also pay attention to the rating of the buyer review of at least 4.9 or 5 is better

the last one is to pay attention to comments from buyers regarding their services, check positive comments and negative comments


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