PBN (Private Blog Network) is the most powerful backlink technique with very, very fast results even in a matter of days your web can occupy the first page. I personally usually only need 5-7 days to raise the position of the web client for the Low - Medium category of competition.

PBN has very strong domain criteria so that the links we get are very influential in increasing the web position on the first page. besides that we can control every outgoing link (Out Bound Link) into our moneysite. And recovery of the position if one day the PBN is problematic. this is the reason why you should try the PBN.

What you need to know is that PBN is not included in the White Hat SEO technique, but Gray Hat Method. that's why SEO experts don't suggest newbies to use this technique if it's not done right. there are some basic steps in building PBN, including:

Search and analyze expired domain
Finding an expired domain for PBN can be considered difficult "easy. There are many types of expired domains that we can analyze starting from the Pre-Release domain (auction domain), closeout and offer domains, pending delete or delete domains. But to find it still requires tools, some tools that are often used in finding expired domains:

Paid ones like:

Godaddy Aucions and marketplace
DomainPeel.com (PBN Domain Broker)
I personally prefer to use the Domcop tool, its features are quite complete and easy to check every criterion that needs to be analyzed ...

There are 2 types of domains that I normally see in Domcop:

1. Expiring Domain (with closeout type)
2. Delete / drop the domain.

I am example here for a domain with pending delete type (expiring domain)

Domain initial filtering for analysis:

- Hide fake PR
- Min PR = 1
- Age = 1 year
- Price = $ 5 - $ 20 (adjust to your budget)
- DA = min. 15
- TF = min. 8
- TLD = .com, .net, .org, .info, .co
- Listing Type = Unchecking Auction
- Misc = check hide adult, dashes, hide spammy, digits, and google indexed.

The above section is not the MAIN ANALYSIS for the domain that we are about to register as PBN. but only the initial guide or filtering so that there are not too many domains analyzed. because if it's not filtered like this there will be thousands of domains that appear. we will not analyze one by one. So it doesn't mean that the domain that meets the above criteria can be registered directly as PBN.

2. Domain Criteria for PBN

The first thing I noticed was a domain name. domain names should use a brand name that reflects the niche of the domain. this at first glance is not too important but can be a strong foundation when Google's Manual Review of PBN takes place later.

First Notice the domain with the same topical trust flow, or primary topical trust flow according to your money site niche. this section is very useful so that later we get power from the relevant niche website that goes into our moneysite.

When viewed from the picture above, the average topic is the same, namely in the topic of the computer. Or you can see the primaries in the front.

Then you can check for Google index and Google info, just to make sure the data from Domcop is correct. Usually for the expiring domain section, the data from Domcop is valid, except for the delete domain or drop domain section.

Google index = make sure the domain is still indexed, the root domain is turned upside down
Google info = make sure the domain name is the same as the one delisted on Google.

Check backlink profile. You can use a free account from Majestic.com or you can use the features of Domcop. But the results are not as complete as if you use Majestic or Ahref. But it doesn't matter, because we will only analyze roughly the backlinks that enter the domain.

Here I use majestic.com

Check Trust Flow and Trust Ratio. Better if the TF value is above 8 with a trust ratio above 0.5. But this is only optional for me if the domain has a good backlink profile.

For domains with conditions like this, I can still register. Because the domain has a good TF, which is> 0.5 and all links come from 1 topic.

If I check the referring domain (origin domain), then the web has a backlink from 1 site authority adobe.com and this is related to the niche domain. (2 conditions are met: Authority and Relevant).

Check the Anchor text distribution. Try not to use too many money phrases in the anchor text. Except if the number of backlinks is still small (can be balanced later)

I check that one of the backlinks is still live, Low OBL and not hacked link.
To check backlinks and hacked links, there is no need for all backlinks to be analyzed. Just look for backlinks that have a high TF, both for url or domain.

Then I check the history of the domain registered before using the wayback machine from archive.org.
What needs to be considered for the profile history of the website is that the website is indeed used as a real website, no activity of the domain has been used for gambling sites, porn, pharma, etc.

If all the criteria have met, then you can register the domain. Because this is a pending delete domain, there is a domain renewal fee. But it doesn't matter if the condition of the domain is still entered. And also you can use a coupon for Godaddy.

To delete a domain, the PR section is invalid and Index is not indexed by Google. But after you register the domain and fill it in content, then the domain will be indexed again but for PR because it is not updated then the condition will be PR 0 or n / a. but it doesn't matter as long as all of the above criteria are met.

Setting Up and Managing PBN

Domain Register
Use a different register name for each domain. I usually fill in 1 account / - 12 domains. to delete domain / drop domain you can use namecheap because you love free whois protection.

PBN Hosting
Hosting is better to use hosting that is different from both the IP and also the country according to the target I moneysite ... if your moneysite is in Indo, hosting if possible 50% also uses Indo hosting.

Can you use reseller hosting ??
many people don't recommend using reseller hosting ... but my experience. I have 40 PBNs that I host in 1 reseller hosting. and it doesn't matter if the setting is correct. for those who use a reseller account. We recommend setting the name server both in the domain and also hosting the DNS zonenya add. sometimes even though different IPs can come with the same subnet. For reseller hosting, use the support server in various countries.

Installing CMS for PBN
To make it easier to use WP. there are millions of people who use WP ... so there is no need to fear using a WP for PBN ... to diversify. use different cms are also better.

Install Themes and Plugins
Use different themes if you use WP. for themess, it should be edited again ... because in my experience there are no full SEO themes that I have encountered ... the most important edited part is too many internal links but still on the same page. example of Author. tags, categories that are located below the post or below the post title. This is a link that is not important and is not needed in PBN, can blend authority homepage.

Plugins that you can install are spyder. but not all of my PBNs use this plugin. usually only 30-40% of the total PBN ... the rest is in httacces to block robots.

404 Page not found.
In buying a domain, either auction or drop domain, sometimes there are pages / pages that receive backlinks. unfortunately most will redirect the 404 page to the homepage. but this will be the Big Footprint for Google because the massive 404 redirect on the homepage is Soft 404.

for that if the domain that has innerpage receives a Backlink then you can make that page again using the same url. or you can create other relevant content then redirect then the 404 page is detected there. or you can create a custom 404 page and redirect it there.
the simplest thing is if innerpage does not have flow or flow at all from the homepage. so just let the page die ...

Design Your PBN.
the average PBn doesn't care about design because it thinks it's the same as a dummy blog. for that your PBN design is as unique as possible and as closely as possible with moneysite such as LOGO, header, commonly used install widgets such as subscibe, twitter feed, FB fanpage, etc.
do not use double navigation. for example in the navigation menu you put a category link, then install in the sidebar again. this is a useless link.
as much as possible put non-important pages / pages in the footer section such as privacy policy, Term Of Use, Contact.

Link To Money Site
Some of the factors that you need to pay attention to are creating links that lead to your site:

Always use Original, Unique and readable content.
Just enter 1 link to your moneysite, the rest, you can link to other relevant Authority sites (such as the relevant wikipedia page).
Don't enter the link that goes to your moneysite in each article that you post on your PBN. Vary so that it's not too aggressive.
Use variations of Anchor text. with less percent for exact anchor text. Use more branding keywords, partial keword or generic keywords. Then vary the placement link in the article.
Don't link to your other PBN (interlinking), just point PBN to moneysite.
Avoid links to websites that contain porn, pharma, gambling content and other spam keywords.

Nearly 80% of people who use PBN will put the link on the homepage. This is because the PBN owner requests the power homepage that goes to moneysite. This can be a footprint for Google. example. do you prefer to use themes that contain content appearing all on the homepage or cut with the "read more" link?
almost the average web that we meet on the internet only displays snippets from content with the "read more" link. because it will be much neater and structured.

make sure the overall OBL of the domain does not exceed 20 (including links to authority sites) if you want better power. what I say is that the whole is not just OBL on one page.
the link does not need to appear on the Homepage. this is a MYTH that the link on the innerpage page has no power.
the link on the inner page will be the same if the power homepage is streamed. for that make sure each link is always connected from the homepage either in category, tag, or using internal linking.

Use Social Share on PBN. You can use social exchage services to add social sharing votes. Create a Twitter account and FB page for the PBN.

PBN Fresh Domain
If you only use expired domains for PBN into moneysite this can also be a footprint because you have a profile link that comes from all High Quality domains. for that you can make PBN using the new domain / fresh domain setting exactly like PBN. then link to moneysite. this is to disguise your profile link when a review manual occurs.

In addition to the above method, you can also find a quality expired domain to make the Private Blog Network (PBN) use my method in this article: How to Find Expired Domains. Next after you find the domain, you can check the quality of the expired domain profile backlink using the technique in my article here: How to find out the Quality Backlink Profile.

The PBN that you create must be optimized like moneysite, so to create content you must also research keywords first, so you can provide optimal results to the main website, please read the article keyword research method here: 16 Ways to Keyword Research for Blog Content

PBN is one technique in making quality backlinks, you can't just rely on PBN then forget the other SEO side, for those of you who are still confused about how to optimize all SEO sides of your website please read the material list here: Learning SEO Beginner


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