How to make a backlink for beginners
How to Make Backlinks in the Optimization of Web Pages so that they are on page 1 of Google, there are two things that must be fulfilled, namely: Optimization on Web Pages (SEO OnPage) and Optimization from outside the Web (SEO OffPage). You can read SEO OnPage in a previous tutorial entitled SEO Indonesia Expert and Basic SEO Tutorial for Beginners. And for OffPage SEO (How to make backlinks) will be discussed on this page, happy listening, hopefully useful.

OffPage SEO overview
OffPage SEO is optimizing a webpage by creating links from other webs to an optimized web, often called backlinks. so how to make backlinks for beginners can be done in various ways, such as:

Give comments on the Post, try to post similar to our posts.
Visit the web that has the same posts as we are optimizing, and leave comments there, here are our web links or links with keywords that are being optimized.
Join the group and take part in the discussion / answer by leaving relevant links between the discussion material, answers, and web links that we optimize.
Create as many Dummy Blogs, and make similar posts, make a link to the web page that we are optimizing for. Create a dummy blog with a free blog, like:
blog seconds
How to make trusted baclink Automatic one of them uses, there are many tools that we can use for SEO optimization

How to make automatic backlinks
Making backlinks can be done manually by visiting certain websites and leaving a link for our WEbsite which is being optimized, or making a dummy web for similar posts and creating links to websites that are being optimized, and how to make backlinks automatically using tool for giving links to our website. One of the tools I use most often is keyword position checker and backlink maker on the website

Next is how to make a Backlink using a Backlink maker on, before paying attention to the following Screenshot:

Make automatic backlinks

go to the website
Click Backlink maker (1)
In Enter Url (2) fill in the name of the website / post url, don't forget to use Http: //
Give me a checklist open the robot, if there is an option do the choice on the image that appears
Click the Make Backlinks button
Wait until the backlink creation process is complete
Okay now the web or nurl post already has a backlink, just wait for the date to play on page one. but do not forget to Optimize Seo Onpage, and the dummy blog continues to be made.
So how to make backlinks for this beginner hopefully useful.


April 3, 2017

In connection with the release of the Update of the New Google Algorithm "FRED", which strongly prioritizes Internal and External links that are very relevant. Then the greater possibility of using automatic backlinks will begin to be abandoned because it will have an adverse effect, because the links provided are not necessarily niche with the posts we are optimizing for.

So, tutoral, how to make a backlink for beginners, hopefully it's useful


How to make a backlink for beginners


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