How to get backlinks from Twitter - Backlink is a very important process in improving Google page rank and Alexa ranking. This backlink is a link from another website that leads to our website link. The more backlinks, the more it will improve SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) on Google.

Well, on this occasion we will discuss about How to Get Backlinks From Twitter. Twitter is a website that has very high page rank so it would be great if we had backlinks from Twitter.

To get a backlink from Twitter there are ways, namely:

1. Through the Tweet / status that we share

2. Install a link on the Twitter account profile

We discuss first the first way, namely by tweeting / status that we share. The tutorial is as follows:

1. Please login to your Twitter account. Click here

2. After successfully logging in, please switch to the status creation column. Now in this column you write your website address, you can also add a few words and then click Tweet.

3. When you share the status, you will automatically get 1 backlink from Twitter.

It's easy enough not for this first method. Next we move on to the second method, which is to install a link on the Twitter account profile. This method is also fairly easy. Check out the following tutorial:

1. Please login to your Twitter account. Click here

2. After successfully logging in, enter the Twitter profile page. Click on your profile picture on the left or you can also use the profile picture in the top right corner. then select profile view.

3. After entering munu profile directly click the edit profile button.

4. Well, at this step, fill in the section on the website with your website link. Then click Save Changes.

5. Then you will automatically get a backlink from your Twitter profile.

So earlier How to get backlinks from Twitter. Easy enough right? Of course it would be better if we do routine tweets because we will also get a lot of backlinks, especially if there is a friend who tweets a tweet containing our backlinks.

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Hopefully this complete tutorial article is useful for those of you who are trying to get backlinks from Twitter. Thanks. Also read our other articles


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