Facebook is one of the most powerful ways to increase website traffic, with millions of visitors every day. If you are looking for ways to increase free traffic to your site, Facebook is one of the answers.

Marketing through social media sites is now very popular and the best way for marketers to build brands and increase traffic to their sites.

Here are tips you can use to get free traffic to your website / site via Facebook:

1. Facebook Social Ads

Facebook Social Ads is similar to ads (ads) that you usually see on search engines. There is a pay per click (PPC) or pay for view option. Millions of Facebook members and social ads allow you to target your ads based on reader specifications based on their demographic and geographical area. By targeting ads according to the content of a person's Facebook profile you will get a good ROI for your ad campaign.

2. Facebook Profile Page

In the Profile Page, you can display links to your site, affiliate pages or articles that you have written. You can also write down information about your business so that visitors can understand what type of product or service you provide.

3. Social groups

You can create your own group on Facebook for your business and invite people to join. This is a very good viral marketing strategy. With your own groups you can attach links, business updates, and events so that your group members always receive updates with what you do.

4. Facebook Page

Facebook Page is almost the same as Profile Page. On Facebook page, you can put links, information and get fans for your business.

Raising traffic in a fairly simple way, we only need to make Facebook Page and try to always update every day, then eventually people will come. Whether or not people visit quickly depends on whether you can attract their attention or not.

5. Facebook Applications

On Facebook, you will be able to find countless applications and applications that you can use as a very good viral marketing tool that can help bring more traffic to your website. If you cannot create a program for Facebook Aplications you can outsource it to someone else.

So, the conclusion is Facebook is very good as a marketing medium for all business owners and marketers. So, if you don't have an account on Facebook, you should quickly make it now. After that, practice the above tips and get lots of free traffic for your website or site.


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