Making Fanspage on Facebook is the most effective way to promote your business, build awareness of something, gather fans, or to advertise.

For those of you who run an online business, having Fanspage on Facebook can be used as a place to gather people who are interested in your product. Through Fanspage you can present interesting content for people who already like the Fanspage and of course to be able to sell your products.

Fanspage is also a mandatory requirement for those of you who are interested in starting running Facebook Ads ads, because when the ad campaign is running the Fanspage page is displayed.

To make Fanspage on Facebook very easy, you just need to log in to your Facebook account first and see the explanation below.

Guide on How to Create a Fanspage Page on Facebook to Advertise:
1. Open your Facebook homepage. Pay attention to the left column list and select Pages.

2.Pilih “Liked Pages” lalu klik “Create Page”.

3. Enter the Fanspage creation page. There are 6 categories for Fanspage type, just adjust it to your needs. For example Alona chooses "Cause or Community".

4. Give the name of the page like the name of the community or your business name. Click "Get Started".

5. If the Fanspage display will appear that you have successfully made. This fanpage must be made as interesting as possible by giving it a profile picture and cover image.

6. Please search for images on Google by typing the desired image keywords. For example, I type "Smartwatch".

7. On Google search, just select "Images".

8. Many smartwatch images will appear, which you can take to be installed on Fanspage's page to be used as profile pictures and covers.

9. Install the previous photo profile that you saved. Click Add a Picture.

10. You can crop your profile picture. If you click save.

11. Next install the fanpage photo that has been prepared and then click "Add a Cover".

12. Perform "Drag to Roposition" to arrange the appearance of the cover page and then click Save.

13. Next you can change the Button button on Fanspage to be changed to "Shop Now" or "Call Now" and many more. The trick is to click "Learn More" as shown below.

The window appears "Add a Button Your Page" then click "Add Button".

There are 5 button categories for "Add Button". Just for example here Alona chose "Get In Touch".

There are 5 options such as: Call Now, Contact Us, Send Message, Sign Up and Get Qoute. You can choose any one as needed, for example Alona chooses "Send Message".

"Send Message" window display appears, here I can activate the automatic message reply feature if someone is sending a message on the Fanspage page along with the message you want to display. If so, click "Add Button".

Then the "Send Message" button is already available on your Facebook Fanspage.

14. The next step is to create a username for Fanspage then click "Create Page Username". Enter your username and if available, a green checkmark appears then click "Create Username".

Notes: Write the username you want, because it will not be changed again later.

If you have finished creating a username, a window will appear saying "You're all set! Then click OK.

15. After the Fanspage has been created, the username that was created before also already exists. Now is the time for you to fill Fanspage with interesting content to invite lots of interaction and increase the number of your Fanspage likers.

You can also provide a post, to sell your product, and then advertise it.


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