How to Make Facebook Fanpage Famous Businesses and Many Friends - Facebook and also Fanpage become one of the social media that is very useful to be used by various functions with the aim especially for business. But one of the factors for achieving the goal is by increasing the popularity of FB. The large number of friends and followers and the involvement of many visitors in responding and responding are key so Fb and Fanpage will become famous. And here he tips on how to increase the number of friends and visitors and how to make Fanpage FB known to many people and make lots of sales.

Facebook Page Is Used To Increase Popularity

What is Facebook? Facebook is an online media that can be used to connect or social networks on the internet. Apart from Twitter, Facebook fanpage is often used to make business, the web becomes famous and adds many friends. Account owners can use their Fb account for selfies, display the contents of their thoughts and feelings by writing on the wall, sending messages via messages, doing instant messaging by chatting, doing video chat.

FB is one of the most popular social media and many users from all over the world. Facebook is used by many people from men and women in various ages, status, occupations, demographics. Even FB is also used by a group of people who are members of organizations, companies, foundations that aim to gain profit or not. Not a few important and famous people from among artists, politicians, athletes who also have accounts on social media founded by Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook User Data

Based on information obtained from, that Facebook has statistical data like the following:

The number of Facebook users reached 1.19 billion people from all over the world. And 80% come from outside America.
23% of users see FB accounts as much as 5 times a day.
750 million people access Facebook from 7000 more mobile devices.
74% of marketers use Facebook to generate sales.
59% like the brand page, because they have bought or used a product or service.

The purpose of Facebook Fanpage is known for more specific purposes
The use of higher Facebook fanpage is used for business purposes as a media campaign, a medium of communication between companies and customers. In addition, media publications about the latest news from companies that are important to be known by stakeholders or the general public. Using FB fanpage aims to make a profit by getting lots of buyers and making lots of online sales. Like a business application that is very useful and strong to increase productivity. So product promotion is not only through the website (read: Web and free blog to sell on the internet), and FB has its own advantages.

While in the political field, the party or board members can also use Facebook as a communication tool with constituents from their constituency. Or also to explain the steps being taken in terms of legislation in parliament. Informs what has been done during the term of service as a member of the DPR, MPR or DPD.

For artists, the benefits of FB pages are to update the status of daily activities, information on song recordings or soap operas that are currently recording. In this way, fans can find out the latest news from the celebrities they like.

Facebook Fanpage Known Many People Use Business
But the purpose of using Facebook to become a massive and effective publication media is not successful if you don't have many friends or followers. Because the power of FB as a medium of information is if you have many users who always read the update info on this social media account.

Besides that, the involvement of friends or followers is important so that a Facebook page account can become popular. Then how can Facebook accounts have many friends and followers, and can be an effective medium for promotion? Here are the tips.

15 Things You Should Avoid to Be Written on Social Media

How to make Facebook Fanpage a famous order business
In order for Fanpage to have many followers and become more familiar to many people, there are certain ways to increase its popularity. And here is how to make FB popular.

Personal and Business Combination
Facebook account owners are often confused, should you make a Fanpage FB for personal or business? Then what's the difference between the two types of FB pages? If you use Facebook for a small capital business or whatever, you can use a personal profile that is tailored to business needs. On the one hand, as a manager of the FB page has a good personal relationship with friends or followers but still shows the professional side of your business.

For example, on one occasion, you can post statuses about something funny and fun like cartoons, videos or weird pictures. But on the other hand, you can also update according to the relevant business opportunities from home. But in both ways, it is expected that the followers will respond through the comments column. In this way a very important two-way communication will arise.

Pleasant Profile or Cover Picture
Many FB page users for business, politics or also artists who pay less attention to the importance of profile photos and cover images on Facebook Fanpage accounts. Though photos seem to be a response that represents the account owner to the presence of friends and followers.

Profile photos are images that show who and what you are like. While the cover image is a large image above the profile photo. And these two images are the main concern when friends, followers or visitors who first come to your account. A good and pleasant picture will give a positive response to visitors.

Easy Ways to Make Cover Photos on Interesting Facebook Groups

Put a profile picture with a pleasant face like when smiling, laughing happily, eyes glowing, eyes that menria presence of members. When displaying a cover image, choose an image that represents your person or business. Photos when with friends in a cheerful atmosphere, company logos, pictures when using products or services sold, and others.

Tell Who You Are
Friends or visitors will feel "close" to you if you know what you are like. And Facebook has provided several tools that can be used for it in the "Update Info" or "About" section. Take advantage of the description feature by filling in who you are, what you can do, what you want to share and useful for visitors.

Features that are too personal and not directly related to the business, you can avoid being filled. Doing updates can also be filled with some personal activities that inspire visitors.

Giving Feedback to Friend or Visitor Comments
One of the signs that a visitor is received by the owner of a FB account is to respond to comments or posts. If visitors comment on the status of your new Facebook, you should give a good response to their comments. at least give a sign of ginger or like signifying your attention to the response of visitors.

Request Ideas to Visitors
To further increase the involvement of FB page visitors, you can ask for ideas or suggestions from them. In this way you can also assess how much attention your friends or followers will have to the fanpage you make. How to ask for ideas can be done in words directly or veiled. An indirect way is to write a question related to the latest news that is still related to your business.

Post Update Status with Routine
Visitors are always happy to get new information. Regular posting or status updates can help increase visitors. Update at least once a day can be done.

Post at the Best Time
Watch the best hours and days for status updates. You can pay attention to the best time by looking at what time the most comments or likes after posting on the wall. Another way is to look at the "insight" or "insight" that has been provided by Facebook to find out statistical data from fanpage visitors.

Insight Pictures of Facebook Statistical Data

Make an Event
Surprise can help visitors to get something refreshing and fun and avoid boredom. Creating an event that involves a lot of participation from users can help add friends, activities, comments.

Now you can follow the tips above so that your fanpage gets a lot of followers or friends. And more importantly so that friends and followers become more involved in FB page talks.


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