Whenever we talk about SEO, we share it on the site and outside the SEO site. Off site SEO mainly contains backlinks and social signals. In particular, to increase your ranking in the SERP you need to get quality links from other authority sites.

We all know the importance of search engine traffic and getting high quality backlinks to your blog is one of the best ways to improve your blog's rankings and get better traffic and search engine results, this post will list 101 ways you can get. quality backlinks to your blog.

Even though before we move forward, here are things to keep in mind. In 2012, Google launched penguin updates, which are targeted to get rid of sites using spam or paid ways to build links. Also, the many ways that I mentioned in the article are not a good way to get quality backlinks, so I will doodle like that and you can ignore it.

Also, when you build backlinks, you need to maintain the quality of links and text variations in your mind. In addition, instead of just making lots of backlinks to your homepage, start working to build links to internal pages. You can start working on resource pages like "WordPress guides" and create links to them. In this way, you can also target Single or Double Keywords easily.

Some methods of building links, which you must ignore:

Previously, I started with my 101 list, here are some methods for creating links that you must ignore:

Avoid site links from footers (WordPress themes or plugins)
Avoid buying definite anchor text links (keep proportions 40% -20% -20% -10% -10% for variations in anchor text)
Avoid buying bulk shipments from sites like Fiverr
Don't choose a link network (Build my rank is one of the private link networks, which gets sanctioned)
Avoid BlogRoll links
Article directory links are not very effective anymore

So, this is something that must be remembered when starting with a campaign to build quality backlinks. Of all the methods available, guest posts are the best way to get quality links and more, this will help you drive traffic to your web pages.

The Smart Blogger Guide to building quality links to your site:
Highly recommended tricks:

This method will help you get fast backlinks from high quality pages. The technique of building a Broken link is to find broken links on a website (related to your niche) and email content owners and tell them about broken links. Along with that, give them a similar link from your website (similar content you have to make), and ask them to update their post.

1. Send Guest Enter to Other Blogs (Register Blog to guest posts)

2. Comment do follow the blog and make sure this blog is relevant to your own blog. They may not bring too many link values, but still be useful for the overall links of your blog.

3. Start Relevant Threads in Forums and Links to Your Blog Posts

4. Link to Your Blog on Your Forum Signatures (Only high-quality forums)

5. Social bookmarking is also considered a backlink and you must target the following networks: Google plus, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest to name a few.

6. Take advantage of the discussion board by connecting your Blog with threads. Quora is one of the HQ discussion boards.

7. Take advantage of the Blogging Community by Sending Your Blog Posts to them, some great places to start are Blog Engage, Inbound

8. Ask Questions related to your blog on Answer Sites like Yahoo Answers and Link to Your Blog in your question

9. Answer the Questions on Yahoo Answers and Cite Your Blog as the Source

10. Interlink to your blog and other posts on your blog when writing on your blog.

11. Exchange links with other bloggers in your niche. Be sure to form a pyramid link and stay natural.

12. Send your Blog to the Top Blog directory.

13. Write a letter to influencers who write the same topic and encourage them to share it on social networks. You never know how much one sweet email can make a big difference.

14. Send your blog to the top niche directory

15. Network with other bloggers in your niche (Online and offline) and links will automatically follow you.

16. Send your blog posts to all social bookmarking sites that you know

17. Send your blog to your top social networking site

18. Send your article to StumbleUpon

20. Works to make your blog a virus on the top social bookmarking sites, this alone can bring many quality backlinks from the authority site.

21. Send your RSS feed to the feeder site

22. Make use of press releases, and send press releases about important updates from your blog. You can also compare the best products in your niche and send press releases in the same way.

23. Send your RSS feed to the RSS directory, here is a list of RSS directories to get started.

24. Most forums have a website review forum, a review of your blog in this forum.

25. Release the theme for free and include a link to your blog in the footer. (Not recommended)

26. Release a free WordPress plugin and include a link to your blog in it. But don't save it all over the site, because anchor text links around the site are bad.

27. Remove the software or compile your ebooks to exe and send it to the top software sites like brothersoft

28. Convert your blog posts to a pdf and send them to document sharing sites, here is a list of document sharing sites for you to start.

29. Review the top companies and products and they may link back to you

30. Do weekly love links and links to many bloggers, most likely they will reply. Take advantage of SEO outbound links.

31. Interview blogger top and ask them to help you share on their favorite social networks and their fans will be connected to your interview.

32. Give testimonials to marketers and also provide your link when doing so, most likely will be reconnected with you.

33. Make use of website 2.0 to promote your blog

35. Write high quality content and you will get strong backlinks

36. Write a controversial post

37. Write down the news and try to be one of the first people to write it.

38. Send your blog to the CSS directory.

39. Ask other bloggers to interview you.

40. Write post link link.

41. Send your site to Dmoz, many other directories use this directory and that's just enough backlink quality for you.

42. Send your blog to forums and blogs. Edu and. Gov, Google really likes backlinks from this site and considers it as authority.

43. Use groups such as the Google Group and Yahoo Groups

44. Create a Simple Page for You and include your link in the source section.

45. Start a blogging contest and make a link to your blog one of the requirements.

46. ​​Render your service to the best people in your niche.

47. Create a manual and a long tutorial post on your blog, this type of posting receives a lot of backlinks.

48. Create a good ebook or membership site and make a link to your blog to get it.

49. Send your resume to continue the directory while linking to your blog on your resume.

50. Write down how to post, they also tend to get more backlinks.

51. Write the writing that starts with numbers such as "7 ways to ...", this type of post tends to get backlinks.

52. Send your picture to the picture directory and include a link to your blog in the copyright notice and as a requirement to use it.

53. Join a blogging contest and you will most likely get backlinks if you win.

54. Have a "link to us" or "spread the word" page on your blog while asking readers to link to you - it's important to make it easier for them by putting your direct HTML code using the anchor text you want.

55. Submit your site to local business directories, backlinks from this site are considered by Google as authority.

56. Write about about.com and the link to your blog in it, this is likely to be explored and used by many sites so that it increases backlinks to your blog.

57. Do very expensive jokes on your blog but show it is a joke under the post (complicated? Ahah!), For example, "Apple has bought Google for $ 260 billion", something like this will generate lots of links and retweets before people people even know it's a joke

58. Create a special tutorial, which is not only unique but helps the community. Such tutorial articles get a lot of backlinks.

59. Create a youtube video and include a link to your blog in the video and description.

60. Offer lots of free downloads on your blog.

61. Update your blog regularly because this will make more people trust your site and this will also get you more keyword rankings which means more traffic and ultimately more backlinks.

62. Write a good post with lots of pictures in it - just let the post be a picture.

63. Compare different superior products and link them, people will most likely link them, for example you can compare Macs to PCs. Make sure you compare products related to your niche.

64. Make a directory for your blog and maintain a reciprocal relationship with you by giving people who link you to higher placements and giving them a free look on your homepage.

65. Test many beta products and provide reviews and tips for improving the product, the owner might link you.

66. Run a survey on your blog and publish the results for everyone to see, if the survey is good and useful you will definitely get a lot of backlinks to your blog.

67. Write a list of "top 10 myths" or "top 10 mistakes" about something.

68. Position yourself as an authority in your niche and try to get attention from the media.

69. Offer to speak at events and seminars related to your niche, don't forget to mention your blog while introducing yourself, this will most likely help you get some backlinks.

70. Has a special writing style that interests people.

71. Be transparent on your blog.

72. Include your product on Ebay or Amazon and include a link back to your blog.

73. Create a web application and send it to an application directory like Producthunt.

74. Write a good and very useful whitepaper and ask your blogging friends to help you distribute it throughout the web, making sure you include a link to your blog on the whitepaper.

75. Try to find out which stories are hot (current story trends) and make sure your blog is about them.

76. Start your affiliate program.

77. Create a news section on your blog with regularly updated news in your niche and you will start to get links quickly.

What do you think about 77 ways above, and what techniques have you used to build your blog, let me know your opinion in the comments column. Don't forget the variety


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