Twitter, a social media that is very closely related to human life today. Starting from the ego to exist and satisfy yourself with information needs, people are willing and happy to use Jack Dorsey's social networking idea.

Even with website owners, there are already many website owners who cleverly use Twitter as a source of traffic. Now how do I optimize Twitter to become a source of website traffic?

Please optimize the following 4 inspirational ways.

1. Using a Name that Contains a Website Name
The first way you can use is to use a username or profile name that contains your website address. Suppose your website address is, then the Twitter profile display name that you use can be ""

In this way, everyone who will follow your account, or those who see your Twitter name will immediately know about your website. Well from there of course if they are interested, they can visit your website.

And voila ... your website gets new visitors.

Sounds simple? Indeed so. 🙂

2. Writing down the Website Address in the Profile Description
The second way is to display your website address in your Twitter account profile description. By doing this, when someone reads your Twitter profile, they can immediately be interested in visiting your website.

In the Practical and Fantastic Business Book with Dropship, we have already discussed that Twitter profile descriptions are one of the advertising boards that must be optimized in online business, especially for those of you who empower Twitter social media.

Well one way to optimize Twitter profile descriptions is to display your website address there. Supported by a combination of attractive offers, hopefully people will be busy and follow and become loyal readers of your website.

3. Get Many Followers and Convert Them to Your Web Visitors
The third way to optimize Twitter is to get a lot of followers, then convert them to visitors to your website.

How do I get a lot of followers? Many have discussed it out there.
Various ways that you can use for example by regularly promoting your Twitter account on websites, on other social media, with advertisements, through books and so on.

Continue to the next question, how to convert them to website visitors?

We discussed the method in the 4th way in this article. But besides this, another powerful way to convert followers into traffic is to regularly interact with them, but these interactions are interactions that lead them to your website.

For example, there are many followers who ask. Think of your Twitter account @ Say Love, many of your followers ask "brother admin ... how do you express love" or some of them ask "bro ... how do you deal with confusion?"

Now the answer you give can be a short answer plus an invitation to read the way on your website. Indirectly, you "force" them to visit your website.

If they really need a solution they will immediately visit your website.

4. Share Website Content on Twitter Regularly
The fourth way to bring website traffic from Twitter is to routinely share your website content. Try every day you can send a tweet to your Twitter account. Now in the tweet that you sent, occasionally tuck in the promotion of your website content, especially content that is useful and contains solutions.

You do not have to merely present content in the form of tweets, but once it will be very good if you also send your website content. If your followers are online, they will most likely visit your website.

To facilitate the delivery of content, you can take advantage of the Hootsuite application. We have discussed the guide to using the Hootsuite application in the Step-by-Step Video article Using the Hootsuite Application.

Well friend, hopefully this Twitter marketing series article can be useful to help you increase the number of your website visits.

Greetings !!


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