Facebook Ads or Facebook Ads is one medium that can be used to improve your business, by offering products and services you sell.
Advertising on Facebook can also be one of the powerful digital marketing strategies or can also be spelled out with facebook Marketing.
In creating ads, Facebook offers several methods in paying advertising bills for its advertisers.
Some are through credit card or bank transfer system.
This time, DigitalMarketer.id will provide guidance on how to create ads on Facebook with bank transfer payment method. This payment method is suitable for Indonesian people who mostly do not use credit card.
For that, just take a look at the guide how to create an ad on facebook with the following bank transfer payment method.
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1. If you have not created a Facebook account yet, create an account first.
2. If so, setting your account in Bahasa Indonesia
3. After that go to https://www.facebook.com/advertising or to Ads Manager, https://www.facebook.com/ads/manager/, click "create ad."

4. Create your Ad Account, set account country with Indonesia, your rupiah currency and your time zone, then click "set audience and Budget."

5. Choose your location, age, gender, language and other options for your ad's audience or targeting, then click "select creatives."

6. Check your ad and then click "Make a Booking."

7. After the image appears as below, select the option "Manual Payments" then click "Continue."

8. After that select ATM and Bank Transfer and click "Continue."

9. Enter the amount of money you want to transfer.

10. Once listed Amount and End Balance click "Make Payment."

11. Then click "continue."

12. Next, you will be directed to a page like below. You can read the terms Next, click "Get Payment Code."

13. You will get a payment code. This payment code is also sent to your facebook account email.

14. You can follow how to pay at ATM and pay via internet banking on the page.

15. If you already make payment, then you will get an email that the balance has been entered into your facebook ad account, for example like below ...

Tips on How to Create Ads on Facebook with Bank Transfer Payment Method
As a tip on how to create ads on Facebook with this bank transfer payment method, you should use a new account. You can use your old account, it's just forced to disable your facebook ad account ID.
If you've disabled your account, you'll get a new advertising account ID. Your old ad account will be visible, but closed. All ads created with your old account will stop running. So we recommend you use a new Facebook account.
That's how to create an ad on Facebook with a bank transfer payment method. You can also listen to share articles about Facebook Ads as below:

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You already know how to create an ad on Facebook with a bank transfer payment method. If you are experiencing difficulties, DigitalMarketer.id will be happy if it can Help you by sharing your difficulties in the comment field below. Good luck!


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