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Social media sites are now an important part of modern society. There are many number of social networking sites on the Internet. Maybe One of the most popular in Indonesia such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google+, path, and instagram. But Actually there are dozens of social networks out there that you can use For Internet Marketing.Social Media Marketing is inseparable from online life. Social Media Marketing is very useful to bring visitors or increase traffic to your website and also disseminate information about the products or services you offer.Easy Ways to Build Backlinks With Social Media which initially only became a means of support, now has turned into a major means of doing business. Both individuals and companies use social media to improve SEO by creating backlinks from sosmed blogs and easily get Pagerank from google.
Benefits of Social Media For SEO

Build awareness of the company brand (Brand Awareness).
Increase traffic traffic to your website.
Spread promotional messages at a cheap and fast price.
Reach a wider and diverse customer base.
Have a good relationship with potential customers before they decide to buy products or services you offer.
Make it easy to provide information to customers so that when there is something information like the latest products, promotions, latest news, you can instantly inform them through Social Media.

List of Social Media Indonesia Sites

Indoface is a native social networking site established in 2008 and since August 2014 began to use a new concept for a Social Networking Site
Catchfriend This site is simple, but presents a special page for business. Unfortunately this network does not have a notification if there is a new user who joins or displays users who are online.
digli The concept of this networking site combines Facebook with Kaskus. The number of members currently reaches 34,094 members.
Goesmart Social media education made in Bandung is intended for students, students, teachers, schools, parents, and the general public.
Mobinessia Social networking established in 2009 was created for mobile-based facilities with microblogging features, photo albums, status chronologers, messaging, and chat.
Paseban Site developed to meet one of the needs of the wider community, ie socializing. This site appears with the concept of social networking sites that are community based.
Salingsapa Make Friends in Da'wah, so tag line from the site of friendship nuanced islamic. Its features are more related to religious matters.
My friend This online friendship site can be said very similar to the Facebook networking site. Starting from the start page to how to register very similar or copycat from FB.
Zeetal Indonesian Internet community site that allows you to connect with friends, family, or even anyone around the world.
Twoo The social network that provides the most fun means to meet new acquaintances in your area. This friendship site seems suitable for you who are still single status.

All Social Media Site ListingsVery many social media sites in the world ,, I may not write it in this article ,, wah maybe one article also ga will be enough to discuss one by one it would be nice you go straight to wikipedia List of social networking websites.


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