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My clothing store business turnover undeveloped, from time to time just so-so. How is the right marketing online or offline for my clothing business whose store location is in the countryside.

Thank you



Make sure the location of the strategic store, which is easy to reach by visitors, neat and clean, the product is complete and the service is friendly and good.On your store's signboard and outward, make eye-catching \\\ 'interesting and full written information so there's an interest in visitors wanting to come.
Create an interesting and sustainable marketing strategy, for example this month there is a promo, for example buy one free one or buy one can be free prizes interesting and others. This kind of pattern should be sustainable, can be once a month or three months, the promo so different customers will come with a routine.
Creative your product, create unique special products of your clothing, and make sure the product is the result of your creativity that can not be found in other stores. Thus you do not need to lower the selling price.
Make attractive packages as value added sales. For example, Muslim fashion package, if you buy a package from hijab, dress up long skirt then the price will be cheaper than having to buy one by one.
Just think about what can be made in a package from the products you sell. As a seller you do not have to force visitors to buy, but you have to play a friend who can suggest the best outfit and suitable for visitors, just like you as an appearance consultant for visitors. In this way visitors will believe in your ability and will want to buy.
Establish a strong marketing team and be able to execute your marketing strategies. Provide education and standard procedures so they can run.Create an attractive marketing alliance strategy with other advanced products or businesses. For example with alliances with existing restaurants, alliances with schools, alliances with the community of mothers \ / teens and others.

Make sure your store has a website, online store and other social media such as email, yahoo messenger, twitter, facebook, and others. You must be active and ready 24 hours serving those who visit your online media.
Quickly respond to all inquiries, requests and more that come online so they know you can be contacted online reliably.
Updates have always been your website and online store periodically so that visitors and customers always visit again.Also activate in your twitter and facebook account, provide good information and benefits to your follower and the information you provide does not always have to contain the products you sell.
Join some communities that match your product in the online world and be active in it. Keep your credibility in the online media, you must continue to build trust that visitors want to transact with you.
Once in a while you need to make meetings with your followers offline to increase customer confidence and increase your business profits.


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