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Choosing the right color combinations in the website design process is considered one of the most important (but often overlooked) elements in creating a successful website. Psychologists have revealed that people are vulnerable to subjective levels of color impressions and more than 60% acceptance or rejection of a website is related to this fact. The choice of color has the ability to generate a positive impact on visitors and as a result, keeps the visitor staying longer. We all know, the longer a visitor stays on the site the more it can pull it to take action on the final destination. Here is a list of the things we consider important in determining the colors that can affect your visitors in a positive way.
Determine the Products / Services You Sell
If you are selling environmental products or something natural with a 'green' theme, it is inappropriate to use colors like red or orange. Instead you want to use green vegetables, and / or match with the earth. Choose colors that match the product or service you offer.
Focus on Target Audience
When determining the appropriate colors for a website, consideration should be given to the target audience. The colors used for parent-focused products may not suit teenagers or young people. In addition, the use of very bright colors such as red, yellow, blue etc. cause eye fatigue and can drive visitors away.

Background color
We often find it helpful to have different color backgrounds. By doing this, he punches the front page of the site and continues to focus on the website itself. However, you also need to pay attention to the harmony between the background and the front page.
Make Your Text Black
When reading text, people get used to reading black text. This is the easiest in the eye. No need to deviate from what adults use. Keep the text in black so the audience feels comfortable while reading it.
Colors must be relative to the highlighted product
As stated earlier, it is important to connect your product / service with colors that are relevant to your industry.

Red is attractive and powerful and will work well for websites that focus on products intended for children and also to encourage visitors to take action.
Orange is used on websites promoting food products. It is known for promoting positive thinking and enhancing creativity. The color also appeals to the younger generation. Many technical companies use Orange.
Yellow signifies cheerfulness and creativity. This appeals to children and is used on sites that promote entertainment products. Yellow, however, can tend to torture the eyes and should be used as an accent color in most cases.
Green pleases the human eye and is perfect for tourist sites and sites related to nature. Green symbolizes prosperity and wealth. Green also gives credence and is one of the trendiest / corporate colors.
Blue is a conservative color with a very high trust value and is known to relax the nervous system. It is suitable for sites offering high-tech products as well as for diet products. Many people mistakenly use blue for text. This should be avoided because it is not a standard color for human readability.
Black is useful for sites related to photography and art.
Purple is used in religious sites and holiday places.

Do not Make Your Website a Rainbow

A final note, the temptation for people who start web design is to use lots of colors. The most impactful sites are those that keep the use of colors to a minimum. As a rule, we recommend that your website use up to 2 - 3 colors. Often the biggest statement your site can make is its simplicity.


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