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How to Promote a Product - For those who have a business, of course many of you are still confused in terms of product promotion. Below I will describe how to promote a variety of product combinations that you can use so you can and not wrong in determining how to promote products:
How to Promote a Product

Promote products through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others)
Place a classified ad in a newspaper.
Place Ads in the phonebook (yellow pages).
Advertise at wholesale center.
Approaching customers by phone.
Promotion by mail.
So speakers at the seminar, and talk about things that are only controlled (all promotions).
Be a guest speaker on talk show radio.
Create a consumer data base complete with address. Continuously keep up to date and then follow up.
Build a company image with business cards and letterhead interesting.
Design brochures that explain the benefits of the product.
Develop reservations through delivery.
Create a special place to showcase the product and buy directly.
Design telemarketing (telemarketing).
Create company logo images that are easy to remember and give the impression.
Create Issues related to owned bulletin business, at least 3 months.
Create a souvenir
Create a product-related social campaign. For example, saving electricity, when we turn on the product.
Create stickers or balloons with company logos and slogans.
Make a T-shirt design with logo and company name.
Mutually promote with other companies that are not competitors.
Learn about advertising costs, either through newspapers, magazines, radio, television, billboards, bus stops, and other public places.
Take advantage of shared campaigns to save on promotional costs.
Companies profiled in newspapers and magazines are usually read in the prospect.
Rent an advertising agency or PR (Public Relations)
Hold a contest (with the purpose of promotion).
Make a seminar devoted to products or services that exist in the company.
Find potential customers in the exhibit.
Search for potential customers in associations related to the business being worked on.
Find prospective customers at the seminar.
Search in customer magazine or newspaper.
Pack brochures, price lists, and correspondence in a special place for customers.
Put signs that lead to your office.
Promotion on paper or envelopes.
Use the logo and company name on the company car.
Make a list of products, complete with pictures, how to use and benefits.
Provide free product samples.
Provide an opportunity to potential customers, to see the production process.
Sponsor a charity event.

Well, by promoting the above products, your efforts will probably be better known. But this time there is a promotion that is being intensively conducted by many companies, namely self-made online promotions or pay someone to do so. This promotion is relatively cheap, and very easy to operate. Some things you can do in online promotion:
Creating a website about the product, a visitor friendly navigation menu to get your product, the chances of visiting much larger. Ask the expert (webmaster) to increase traffic to your site.
Active in social networks, in addition to easy operation of making social networking as a means of promotion is cheap and effective. Because we can create a viral campaign, which can spread in no time.
Read also: How To Promote Through SMSConclusion
Promotion is an integral part of business, with promotions, products you sell become popular in the eyes of potential customers because it already knows (through advertisements and brochures everywhere) the products you offer. But keep in mind, promotion is not everything in the business, so place a promotional fund as needed because there are still other needs that you need to fund. Hopefully useful tips on how to promote products that have been described above.


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