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if you want to sell clothes online but do not know how to sell clothes online, here are 4 ways to sell clothes online that you may apply, here I just discuss how to marketing clothes online on the internet without writing how to get cheap clothes online, because to my knowledge if you are currently looking for ways to sell clothes online means you already have clothes or goods that want to be marketed.
how to start how to sell clothes online ??, this became a lot of questions those who just want to start an online business, how to market or selling online I have actually discussed all on this site, but I will discuss this time in more detail.

how to sell clothes online without capital or first free alias is using social media
how to sell online this one does not require a large capital, you simply have internet card quotas and have a social media account like facebook and twitter, do not forget to add as many friends as possible, if you do not have a facebook account please read tutorial how to create a new facebook account without email , if you do not have a twitter account please read the tutorial for a new account twitter in within 5 minutes.
after having a lot of friends on facebook, start is to share photos of clothes that want to sell, do not forget to give details of the price and specifications of the product you sell.jika you find it difficult to sell via facebook using a personal profile, can create a facebook group or create a page Facebook.
for social media twitter you do not have to have a lot of follower.karena social media twitter all account settings for the public, so once tweet, tweet you will appear on the main page twitter with the terms of using the current trend tags,

how to sell clothes online without capital alias free second is to use forums or third party sites for free
such as how to sell in tokopedia, put ads on berniaga.com as well as to put an ad in tokobagus or olx.co.id today, because some of these sites provide advertisers and free sales center for you, no cost whatsoever, unless you using premium package. for more details please read on:

list of best selling sites in indonesia
how to sell on kaskus
How to install free ads olx
how to install free ads on berniaga.com
how to sell mall indonesia site ie tokopedia.com
from some sites way above, you can start selling online, the advantage of selecting some sites above is you do not need expert in care of web, do not need to know the traffic or visitor, because the site of free selling above have a number of visitors over 1 million people per day this also makes the percentage of your product sells bigger in the appeal in social media, because all visitors on the site has one goal sure to buy goods, different things with the social media.

how to sell the third online outfit is to make from a paid miniblog site or a free miniblog site in other words you create a personal online store,
the way of selling this third online you give 2 choices that is free or paid, if you create a free blog for selling has a risk if the blog is deleted by the provider of blogs, then all the results of your efforts to build a blog so far will disappear, whereas if you make paid online shop, you need a capital of at least 100ribu up to 10 million.
the choice of this third way of selling online is a little difficult for some people, but when you already have an online store, there will be some advantages that you can in the online store.

how to sell clothes online to four is all in one
first you have a store selling clothes online, then create a social media account or a special page for your online store, after that also create an account on tokopedia and on the forum buying and selling as well as a free ad site with the name in accordance with your online store at this time,
this fourth way requires more capital and hard work compared to the other 3, but the result is much more leverage and faster.
maybe that's all 4 ways of selling clothes online that you can apply to start selling online on the internet. almost everyone chooses one of the 4 ways that I discussed above, if you are still confused do not hesitate to ask me by making my contact. my writing this time is useful for those of you who just want to start selling online whether it is selling clothes online or other products, so hopefully useful.


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