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When a business owner builds a website, most of them only focus on keywords and other on-page seo factors. But they put aside the importance of backlinks. Well, whereas backlinks are 80% more effective increase your website traffic.
If you do not already know how to build backlinks, know some of these basics to start backlinks:
What is a backlink?
Basically a backlink is a link that links the two pages of the website. Backlinks are links that are on other web pages that direct visitors to your website. Backlinks are often called Inbound links. The number of backlinks that you create will be an important indication of your website, because the backlinks used Google to determine the ranking in search engines.
Benefits of backlinks for your business
From an SEO perspective, links show how popular your website is in search engines. Basically, any link that leads to your website that means your website is worth to read and worthy of a reader. When search engines find external links to your website, for search engines this means that your website has information of good quality and worth.
The more backlinks your website, then the SEO value of your website also get bigger. But until now can not measure how the quality of each website, therefore search engines rely on backlinks that lead to the website. Even so, you still have to think about the importance of positive links for your website. To attract your target towards your website, you need to use the right external website. So you should pay attention to any website that has many links that lead to your competitors.
Start building backlinks
When you publish content that is interesting, of course you already get a link to your site. that alone is not enough to make your site easy to find in search. You must be active in building backlinks.
To build backlinks, there are several criteria you need to follow:

Backlinks must come from relevant sites and publish useful content.
Do not use the "black hat" strategy, this strategy is prohibited by google.
Backlinks are built slowly. If you make it too fast, it will look like manipulating a shortcut.
That's some information about backlinks. If you are still confused, just call us, will gladly help you.


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