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What is meant to build quality backlinks (link building)?

Link building is a way to get recommendations or backlinks from other websites to your website.

What is the relationship and influence of a backlink on the ranking of our website in search engines.

The more quality backlinks to our website, then the rank rank of the website will go up, and visitor traffic increases as your website ranking ranking increases in search engine.

... But, this link building is only one of many major factors in SEO..so you do not just learn this ..

Back to backlink,

You see,

Now google is very tight linked backlinks, meaning not all backlinks will affect both on the website, there are some opposite.

Worsens website.

Now you know, not all backlinks have a positive effect, if wrong, a backlink alone can negatively affect and destroy your website reputation.
Remember! Backlink "must" natural and quality.
To get quality backlinks, there is a special way. This technique I will share free for you and you can learn.Big changes in the concept of link building
Incidentally I started studying link building to develop website since 2013 then. At that time, the link building technique is still very easy.
Finally I know the term black hat,
With black hat techniques, people are looking for as many backlinks as possible in a prohibited way. Before 2012 then, this way can still be used, even to this day there are ways that are still used by practitioners black hat SEO.
But I believe, soon Google will know ..
Now google getting smarter, it is not impossible if you still use the black hat way, just get ready your site penalized by google.
... do not do this link building technique if you want to build website for long term:

Private blog network (PBN)
Performs a non-compliant 301 redirect
Guest blog en masse at low quality website
Submit articles to Directories & Press Release
Web 2.0 which contains only 1-2 posts
Buying backlinks (using backlink services)
Linkwheel, pyramid, and tiered links
Spamming on forums
Spam comments in many blogs
Submit to social bookmarking blindly
Can not believe that way above is black hat way

.., this quote from Matt Cutts:

If the main strategy of your link building is to write comments on many websites to the extent that most of the links you have are just comments, and no one else really gives you a link, then one can now be categorized as a cunning strategy .

At a high level we are entitled to take action against manipulation actions or crafty link strategies that we think disrupt the rankings.
The most true is to be a natural and quality point.
A link must be given voluntarily by the website owner, this is called natural.
Qualified means, the website that gives backlinks have a good reputation and active.
Any quality website, will definitely have quality backlinks gradually. Why, yes because your website is qualified, has quality content that is widely recommended by people.
The great websites of the world do these things.
You have a website and quality content, you tell this content to others, They recommend your content through the website
Since the content is worth recommending, many other websites recommend content on your website as they consider your content to be recommended.
If you get a natural backlink and quality, you only need one backlink to improve the position drastically in google search engine.
There is a way, Are you ready?
Let's start,
This article may be time-consuming to read, please bookmark first in your browser, if you have not finished reading, you can read it later.

On this occasion I want to share an article about 10 quality backlinks that you can get easily.# 1. Take advantage of Audio sharing authority sites, then put your link
Make sure that, the audio you upload is original, or you will be considered spam. The site of audio sharing authority will greatly help your site SEO.
How, I will write it in: backlinks from the audio authority site, but later, because the article has not yet finished.
The original category does not mean quality, but is unique and new. Just record your voice, like singing, playing music, giving speeches, or other sounds, then uploading.
Note: if you do not want to be spammed on the audio authority site, make your profile in real, look legal, do not just create a quality account, or you will be deleted from that account.# 2. Get possible Links from Blog posts ("best of")
Now is the era of modern SEO, if we can just spam by commenting here and there, but now it is not relevant anymore, and little impact.
How to?
To get links from the best of blog posts, very simple, make a post with the "best of" list method.
To get quality links, create a "best of the best" quality article, including an external backlink from these quality articles.
That is;
Create a blog post with list content from a specific theme that fits your niche, "3 Favorite Favorite Blogs", "Learn from 10 Blogger Success Indonesia", include a blog link that you make a candidate.
It's called by the post method "best of"
What is the effect? Your site will get the possibility of quality backlinks.# 3. Blogger Review
This is the way that many bloggers do,
What is that?
If you have a product, be it software, consulting services or whatever else is quality. Usually you sell, this time you share free, you can easily get high quality backlink.
Here's how?
Find bloggers in your niche, and find who might be interested in your offer. If you sell product / content information such as "how to blog",
You will definitely googling things like "how to create a blog", "how to blog" etc. Then ask the blog to review your product on their blog, include a backlink in the review.
Lobby blog owners through contacts, emails, mobile phones, or phone no.
How to offer it?
I demonstrate, if you lobby by email;

Regards, admin bla-bla, com Look,

When I was googling, I found your blog with the keyword "how to blog" coincidentally, my business in the field of hosting.

I see the blog is amazing and still a blogger platform, I want to offer free hosting to you according to the needs of your blog.

if interested, we just require to make my site review article on your blog create our website backlinks in your blog. We will maximally support your blog hosting.

Thank you

# 4. Give Testimonials
Okay, have you visited a large online store, and it's not the product that headlines their site, but a testimonial statement from their customers along with an active backlink to testimonials.
What's the purpose?
There are two main goals,
First to build trust from newcomers,
Secondly, by incorporating an active backlink, more and more bloggers are racing to make testimonials for their online store, and the more confidence they have built.
For the testimonials makers, will get backlinks from stores / sites provided testimonials.
Make testimonials as good and as real as possible for the site.
If you use a product or service that you like and you actually use the product, consider sending a testimonial to them.
When you do that, be sure to tell them they can place it on their site or testimonial page. To show that you are a real person likes and uses their products, fore of course they will often place a link to your site without you having to ask.
Make no mistake, you can even get some of the best backlinks from testimonials.
To get backlinks from authority sites on testimonials, by buying their products only aim to give testimonials and get backlinks.# 5. Domination Directory
Whose word is the backlink from the dead directory site?
It used to be in May 2012 deindexed directory sites. Links from the right directory can still create wonders for your site.
Here are some free and paid directories that can create miracles on your site
R-TT Directory
So Much
Directory World
All The Websites
Family Friendly Sites
Business.com Directory
This science I can from overseas bloggers who still rely on directory sites, and work.# 6. HARO
HARO (short for Help a Reporter Out) is one of the best ways to get backlinks from authority news sites.

How to work:
The first step is to Register at Haro at: here
You will get three emails per day from journalists looking for news sources.
To get this link, all you need to do is spend 30 minutes to 1 hour on the Haro site every week.
Then you do a response with your credentials and for some useful tips.
It's easy, right?
You provide customized response reviews and they will link you with links.# 7 Source backlink from. edu
Everyone knows that the .edu link is the source of quality links. But, it's hard to get quality links.
However, if you have an awesome article on your site, you can usually get 1-2 links Edu only by asking to related sites, or even the .edu site provides free links to you, but of course your article must be really qualified, not just a comment link and nyepam.
Here's how ...
Most universities have a resource page where they have links to sites that help college students and faculty, including one of which is information.
Case study;
You can get a link from the above example by emailing them and showing that your content is helping nutritionally related resources, for example.
To search for .edu sites, Use a search like this in google;
site: .edu "keyword"
site: .edu "keyword" + "source"
site: .edu: "keyword" + inurl: Link
site: .edu: "keyword" + "other site"
Maybe only 5-10% of those sites will actually be your backlinks. But some of these links can make a big difference in SERP.# 8. Submit Your Site to Website of Feedback Site
What is that ?
There is a site designed to help you get feedback on your site. And almost all of them provide dofollow links back to your site.
Here is an example of a site called ConceptFeedback.com
As you can see, there is a nice dofollow link on the page. All you need to do is submit your site with a little explanation.
Here are some Website Feedback Sites that you can use:
Criticue.com# 9. The Moving Man Method
Here is a really perfect strategy for e-commerce sites (but also works well for your blog).
I personally have not used it, I get this method from the information blogger-blogger abroad,
roughly like this step by step;
First, find sites that have moved or gone out of business.
For example, you find information that a business site suddenly gets out of the business they run. There must be hundreds of sites linked to the site that no longer exists.
You can use searches like:

"Keyword" + "out of business"

"Keyword" + change the image "

"Keyword" + "has moved"
Then next, find sites and pages linked to old businesses or old sites.
Very simple, especially if you use programs such as Ahrefs, Open Site Explorer or Majestic SEO. Just take the URL from the old site and pop it to the tool of your choice:
Then easily, you will get a list of pages linked to the site moved or no longer exists earlier.
In the end, contact and notify the site owner of their outdated links ... And provide a settlement with a link to your site instead.
Here is an example of a notification that can be used to contact the site that has moved it;

Hello the name of the site owner ... ..,

I'm looking for information on a topic (... please fill in the topic that is outdated earlier) and I found your site.

It turns out the link is still connected to your old site.

Look, I have a guide content on my site that is very similar to the damaged content and URL (... fill in your url).

Maybe this can help change the site links that lead to your old site.

Thank you,

..Your name
# 10. Submit your Site to Blog Aggregator
Important: Never submit your site to an aggregator blog that is not qualified!
Search blog aggregator with a list of quality blogs.
Here's an example;
.. You can get dofollow links in many free and quality blog aggregator blogs in three easy steps:
(First) Submit your site
(Second) Add custom HTML code to your site to confirm that you own the blog you registered.
(Third) When the blog aggregator approves you will have your own page on the blog aggregator with a dofollow link to your site.
This is an example of an overseas aggregator blog:

      # 11. Build broken links (Broken link building)
This strategy is similar to the Moving Man Method I described above. The difference is, that by building broken links, you just have to look for the 404 error page.
Then contact the site with the broken link, and request a change with a link from you that explains the same thing.
How to search on google;

"Fitness" + "source page"

"Fitness" + "source"

"Fitness" + "recommended sites"

"Fitness" + "link"
Submit a homepage email to the site owner that the link is broken, and ask to replace it with a link from your likes.12. Posting super quality content
All will return to quality content. Remember, backlinks are given because your content is liked and beneficial to others.
Backlinks are recommendations, so it's impossible if they want to spread non-quality content.

Your content could be on page one of Google, even in position between 1-3, if the content is quality with a few quality backlinks, it will be easy to beat the competitors.

In conclusion, quality backlink content should also be coupled with quality content. If not the same lie.

How to create quality content, you can write what you love, but you can also pay a Conten Writing to write quality content for you.
13. Find out competitor's website backlinks, examples and duplicate their ways

You can use SEO Spy Glass, OpenLinkProfiler, Mejestic SEO, Ahrefs, and Open Site Explorer.

With these tools, you can easily see the backlinks of competitors. You can imitate how your toughest competitors do link building.
14. Creating potentially viral content

Viral content has great potential to become very popular. Content in the form of infographics generally always get a good response from the reader.

Viral content usually contains several elements; such as Emotional content, content representing the area of origin, adult content and so forth.

And lastly make sure your site is equipped with features share and like for visitors to easily spread content in your website.


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