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     Explanation What is Backlink
     Benefits of Backlink
     How to Find Backlinks
     How to Create Backlink

What is Backlink? - Backlinks have an important role in SEO (Read: What is SEO). The role of backlinks you can not underestimate. very often the beginner bloggers do not know what backlinks, purpose, how to create, and how to get backlinks. But for senior bloggers, seo practitioners, and who are familiar in internet marketing certainly know the ins and outs of this backlink. For that, knowing what the backlinks, types, how to create and get it is very important for your personal website would also prospective clients.

Explanation What is Backlink *
Backlinks, also known as Incoming Links, inbound links, inlinks, and backlinks, are incoming links to a website or web page. In the basic terminology of links, backlinks are any links received by a web node (web pages, directories, websites or top-level domains) from other web nodes.
Inbound links are initially important (before the advent of search engines) as the basis of web navigation; today, its importance lies in the ranking of search engine optimization (SEO). The number of backlinks is one indication of the popularity or importance of a website or page (for example, it is used by Google to determine the PageRank of a web page). Outside of SEO, Backlink web pages may be of significant personal, cultural or semantic importance. they show who is drawing attention to the page. (Wikipedia)Benefits of Backlink *
The benefits of backlinks in terms of SEO obviously very visible effect. has a big role, backlinks become expensive in SEO. Google also said that one aspect of the assessment of the popularity of a website and website pages one of them is a backlink factor. What's more, the type of backlinks are the types of backlinks that are recommended by google itself is good for Search engines.
We do not say and can not be sure if your backlinks a lot, then your website or website page will be good also in search engines. You need to know specific guidelines about good backlinks for SEO. and where the backlinks are bad for SEO.

How to Find Backlink *
Right now, looking for backlinks that have a high PR (PageRank) is very difficult. therefore, any backlinks in perjual belikana with a pretty fantastic price in my opinion. This is because Google has not updated the pagerank again.
Looking for good backlinks are also many aspects that you should see. such as the quality of a website that you will plant backlinks, authory, pagerank, and much more. But looking for backlinks or get backlinks can use some of the ways below.

Blog Comment
Forum posting / forum profile
article post
bookmarking site
site directory
and many more.
If you are looking for one by one backlinks would be a constraint. because of lack of time, however there is a way with SEO Footprint Techniques can filter backlink search on google in accordance with what you want. But also you need to know, Backlink also there are Do Follow and No Follow that you should know the good and bad impact of both backlinks. (discussed in the next post do & no follow backlinks.)How to Create Backlink *
Creating backlinks is not difficult. If you use platfrom blogging such as blogger, wordpress, etc, create a backlink can be directly in the post menu. So, you do not bother to make it. However, here are some HTML you should know from backlinks.

<b> <a href="http://www.yourdomain.com"> Your Keywords </a> </ b>
     <a href="http://www.yourdomain.com"> Your Keywords </a>
     <a href='url targeted 'title='title link' rel='nofollow'> this anchor text </a>
     <a href='url targeted 'title='ini for title'> this anchor text </a>

Please adjust or change according to your needs. Thus, I hope you already know What Backlink is and this complete explanation. thanks.


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