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I am often asked:
"I want to earn money from the internet, especially from Adsense. But which one is the best, which is easier: managing a blog or managing Youtube? "
I replied: depends. Depending on their interests, preferences and abilities. Some do not like to make videos, but love to write, then make the blog is clearly more potential for it.
Conversely, some are not too fond of writing, but happy to make creative videos. In this case obviously maximizing Youtube would be much better.Which is the best?
The best is if you are able to combine the two. Make blogs on topics that you master, complete with pictures and videos on Youtube, this will make your content more 'festive'. Your blog and Youtube channel will be mutually reinforcing one another. That way, your goal can make money from Youtube, will reap amazing results.
Well, for those of you who decide to manage Youtube seriously, in this article I will convey tips on how to make videos that get a lot of view from viewers.Initial step
Easy enough to get started. You do not have to force yourself to buy expensive equipment to become a successful Youtuber. Try using a device you already have, like a webcam. Use software like Camtasia if you want to record computer screen. Use an easy and free editing program, like Movie Maker to edit your videos.
The most important thing is, try to dare to appear in front of the camera. And remember, no one is born with a 'good' talent in front of the camera. It's the experience and practice that keeps you going.
Try recording some videos just for you to watch yourself and learn from it. Create a video script, if it helps you be more confident.
However, if you have not been interested in appearing in front of the camera, the easiest step is to start from the screen capture. This is the most easy video you create, but with the creativity you have, you have so many things to share. Video tutorials are still the most searched video type, and screen capture is excellent as video tutorials.
You just need to record what you do on your computer screen. No need a camera, no lights needed. And you do not have to worry about your appearance in the camera, because you just record what's on the computer screen.

Optimize videos for others to discover
After you've created a video, it's time to do some optimizations to get your videos to watch. There is no magic trick that ensures the video gets view. 300 hours of average video uploaded to Youtube within 1 hour. In fact, most of the videos were not watched because they could not be found.
However, there are some things you can do, so your videos can be found and watched by people.
What to know: most Youtube users find videos from search results, from recommendations and related videos. Therefore, you should optimize your channel and videos to be more likely to be found and appear in front of them, focusing on all three of the above, winning competition on search results, recommendations and related videos.
There are many factors affecting Google and Youtube search algorithms, as well as related videos and recommendations. Some of them:Channel optimization
There are several things you can do in terms of channel optimization:

Number of videos. How many videos do you have, that's very important. Therefore increase the number of videos you make and multiply your video archives. If necessary, create a publishing schedule so you can follow the discipline.
Upload frequency. Google's algorithm is very fond of regular updates. The loyal audience, the customer, will be awakened due to the regular publishing of new content. Upload your latest videos regularly and with frequent frequencies. Tell the audience of your update schedule, make them look forward to your new video.
Video quality. HD videos (high definition), more likely to appear in search results than lower quality video. Therefore shoot your video with HD format.
Number of subscribers. It is important to have a subscriber in bulk, as it is one of the marks of popularity and trust of the viewers to your channel.

A call to viewers after watching a video
You can add a call to viewers, an invitation to subscribe to channels, likes, leave comments and share videos to social media. This is called call to action.
The first step is to get viewers to watch your videos longer. After that, invite them to do something like the example above. This is an important clue how good a video you've made.
The majority of Youtube viewers do nothing after watching the video. However, in order for your videos to grow organically, you need to get action from viewers after watching your video.
Encourage them to subscribe, like, comment or share videos to social media. And here are some things you can do:

Request a viewer to subscribe. Simply ask them to do it via your video. Or use annotations to do it. Alternatively, make your video ending template an invitation to subscribe.
Add channel trailers that are made as interesting as possible for viewers to subscribe to your channel.
Links from blogs. Embed your video in blog. Also add a blog reader request to subscribe to your Youtube channel.
Encourage viewers to comment. Ask the audience something, and invite them to answer it through comments. Use comment fields to build your community of channels. Reply to all incoming comments.
Use playlists. Organize your videos into different categories with playlists. Remember, your playlists do not necessarily contain your own videos, collecting videos on your topic, will increase your own channel engagement and view.
Cross promotion with other websites / blogs. This method can be tried and if successful will give a win-win solution between you and the blog owner. Try contacting bloggers who share the same topics as your Youtube video topic, asking them to promote your content to each other.
Give interesting 'gift' to subscribe. No need for physical gifts. Sentence: "Please subscribe for my special tips", will appeal to audiences who are interested in your topic.
Optimize Youtube video metadata
Metadata is information embedded in your videos, and helps Youtube get to know your video topics better. Talking about YouTube video metadata optimization, then you can optimize the most important things, such as: title, description, tags, thumbnails and annotations.

Here are the things you can do:Video file name
Use the most important keywords of your video as filenames. For example, the recipe-tongue-sapi.avi would be much better than mov12345.avi.Title (title)
This is the most dominant and most visible fact of your video. The video title is also the most important factor to get a good view and ranking in Youtube search. Here are some tips related to a good title:
Use titles that 'invite'. This is no different from making a good title for an article.

Use popular names, events and other keywords that people search for related to your videos.
Put the keyword at the beginning of the title.
Make it look natural. Do not stack keywords, and never just like creating keyword lists as titles.
There is a suggestion that says Youtube is able to recognize text on video. Therefore, it is ok to create a caption at the beginning of the video.

Include interesting information, do not forget to put your main keywords as well as other popular keywords.
Describe as clearly as possible about the video in the first paragraph.
The description is quite long, it will not be a problem. So, add as much information as you can about your video, include outbound links if necessary.
Do not over-optimized. Do not overload keywords. Keep it looking natural.
Include links in the description. For more clickable opportunities, place a link at the top, otherwise it will not be visible.

List relevant and accurate tags.
Combine keywords and special keywords.
Use about 12 tags per video. Try to total not exceed 120 characters.
Remember to write the keyword phrase in quotation two, for example: "Gee Jhon".
This is very important for your videos to be clicked by viewers. After the video title, the thumbnail is the second most important factor, which determines whether your video is clicked or not. Upload custom thumbnails, to get the best thumbnails.

Use a large enough image. Minimum 640px wide. Best is 1280x720px.
Create thumbnails that are focused and sharp.
Use images that capture the attention of viewers.
If it displays a face, select a close-up image, it's usually better.
Thumbnails must represent your videos accurately and precisely.
You can try entering the title / main keyword on the thumbnail.


An annotation is a floating text that you can add to your video. Add relavan and useful annotations to each of your videos once they're finished uploading.

Use annotations as a call to viewers to subscribe to a channel, to like, to share to social media or to leave a comment after they've finished watching their videos.

Also, use annotations to encourage viewers to dig deeper into the content of your other videos. You can even include links in annotations and use them to direct people to your website / blog.

Well, that's some tips that can be conveyed so that your video reaches the audience as much as possible. Do you have any other experience? Please share via comment.

In the next article, I will explore tips on how to make your Youtube videos viewable and pinned by viewers. I suggest to subscribe to PortalUang article, to get the tips from me.

Always success.



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