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Requires tips, ways and efforts for the videos we upload on youtube a lot of viewers. Page view or Youtube viewing rate is very important role, especially for some companies that promote their products through youtube, in order to gain trust for many people to market their products.

This also applies to Youtubers who take advantage of youtube media to make money through Google adsense. If the video is seen a lot, then the chance to get a dollar will get bigger.

Natural way is to bring visitors or viewers naturally on youtube videos, ie counter view / the number of impressions coming from humans, not a bot atupun scam. Because this way violates the new Youtube policy, visitors who come from robots will not be included in the list of counts.

So it would be useless if using that way, because the Youtube through the system is now more selective in the calculation of the number of video views.

We recommend that you read the first video optimization article Youtube that I have described before, there are important points on how to maximize youtube video, so easily found in searches and viewed many people.

Perhaps the following tips and extras can be of little help to Youtubers and business actors who often utilize yotube media

1. Create a video Niche according to Category With Chanel / new channel

If you have a lot of videos, we recommend grouping them in one channel or one channel only. The goal is that your video is not mixed, and can be a category. Viewers will also find it easier to find other similar videos in the 1 channel.

Without you knowing it will also increase the number of other video shows. Make Chanel or new channel SEO friendly, to make videos easily found in search engines.

2. Make original quality video
Create unique and original videos, according to their respective categories with crystal clear video quality (HD), if you need to do video editing with video editing software that you mastered. With good quality video is expected to spoil the eyes of the audience, and able to compete with other videos.
Currently Youtube is able to play video with 8K resolution (7680 × 4320). But we can use Standard video only, with 1080p, 720p & 480p resolution.
3. Make a video that Ngetrend again at this time
Types of videos that are booming or trending topics are usually sought after by viewers. This can be related to current news, or what people are talking about. By following these developments people will find your channel and video through search engines, looking for new video source sources.
4. Make the title interesting according to the category and do not cheat
The audience is now smart, and does not want to be fooled by a title that does not match the content in the video. Be sure to maintain the quality and reputation of the channel by creating an interesting title and in accordance with the category, once you cheat will lose your chance to get customers (Subscribers).
5. Increase and increase the number of video collections.
By having many videos, a viewer will be more curious to see your other videos, because in one video channel on youtube there are facilities that automatically organize your collection videos neatly. By having lots of videos you will most likely get a lot of customers. Another case if you only have 3-4 videos only.
6. Promote your video.
After you finish uploading the video, do not forget to promote your video .. this way can be through social media or web / blog if by chance you have. If you have a lot of subscribers / Subscribers will be very helpful, because once you finished uploading the video there will be a notification via email. And it really helps you to get more audience.About multiplying customers or Subscribers
If you follow the above tips and suggestions, God willing, subscribers or customers will come by themselves. Currently a lot of tutorials and how to bring in or get a youtube subscriber but never seen any results.
Logically, if your videos and channels are good and interesting then subscribers will be willing to point their mouse to the Subscribe button on your channel.
Especially for Youtubers who use video to search and earn money, if you run out of ideas, confused, and upset and do not know what will make the video, you can read this article

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