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SEO (search engine optimization) is always associated with backlinks. What is a backlink? I try to define backlinks according to my understanding; basically, backlinks or linkbacks are links or links from a website to another website, in other words a website gives recommendations to its users to visit other websites.
Then what is the purpose of building backlinks? The main purpose is to make our website more popular in the eyes of search engines, for example Google.com. Websites or blogs that have a lot of quality backlinks will usually get special attention from search engines, and search engines will place the website / blog on the main page of search results for a particular keyword. How to build and create quality backlinks for our blog?
Ok, here are some ways to build and create quality backlinks for your blog or business website:
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The initial idea of ​​social bookmarking sites is to make it easier for users to save URLs or links from sites they like to be easy to find when they want to reopen. In its development, social bookmarking sites are used by many SEO actors to help popularize a web page in search engines.
Search engines like Google also explore the pages of this social bookmarking to find out the pages of websites that are often stored by internet users. And of course this will affect search results in search engines.2. Through Article Directories
Directory articles are often used for marketing activities and building backlinks. We can build backlinks from article directory sites by creating quality articles and then submitting them to article directory sites. Many article directories are very well known today, for English like Ezinearticles.com, Articlebase.com, and others, while for Indonesian like cuitcuit.com, articlesoke.com, and others.3. Through Blogwalking
Blogwalking is an activity to visit other blogs then leave a comment and we can leave the URL of our website in the comments. There are 2 advantages of blogwalking activities, the first is we get backlinks, and the second is a direct visit from the blog owner and also others who commented on the blog.
What is very important we remember is to give a good comment and not perfunctory so as not to be considered spam by the blog owner. Before leaving comments should read the article on the blog, then provide comments that are related to the article. Do not give original comments, such as "Good article, thanks yes", "pertamax gan", "Waw just know ya", and other comments are too short.

 4. Being a Blogger Guest
Being a guest blogger in an established blog is one of the most powerful ways to make our blogs popular fast. We can be a writer on someone else's blog - of course the permission of the blog owner - then we post a good article and in accordance with the existing topics in the blog.
In the authors we can memeperkenalkan self and also put a link to the web / blog us, 2 advantages at once; backlinks and also visitors.5. Through Forum Signature
Currently there are many forums that we can find on the internet, ranging from forums gamers, publishers, to forums of entrepreneurs. One of the most famous forums is kaskus.co.id, various topics are discussed in this forum. In addition to Kaskus.co.id, a very well-known forum is ads-id, the forum publisher in Indonesia.
In the forum Ads-id.com the verified members and donors are given the facility to install the signature where the signature will be visible in every post that we send in the forum. Installing a link to the web / blog us in the signature will certainly provide benefits for us, the quality backlinks and also visistor of the forum.
Some recommended forums that allow signature and dofollow links:

Bersosial.com: Indonesian online discussion forum
EOcommunity.com: Forum for event orginizer and general topic
Forum.kompas.com: Forum on kompas.com (update: compass forum already closed)
Forum.detik.com: Forum on Detik.com
Pengusaha.co: Discussion forum and buying and selling (update: the site is closed)
And others
6. Through Social Media
Backlinks from social media sites are highly qualified backlinks, for example backlinks from Twitter, Google plus, and Facebook. Although usually the backlinks of these social media sites is Nofollow, search engines like google still take it into account.
In addition to backlinks of course we will also get a visitor from our friends or followers in the social media. Therefore, we recommend that every web / blog that we build must have a separate social media account, such as Facebook fan page and twitter account.
By having many friends or followers on social media sites would be very easy to make web / blog we become popular, of course we also must be active in social media.7. Through Press Release
Backlinks from pre-release sites are quality backlinks, in addition to press releases are potentially providing traffic on the web / blog us. If I look at Indonesia has not been so popular in using press releases for website promotion and for building backlinks activities, usually only used by big companies.
Unlike in overseas, these press release sites are very often used for promotional activities and build backlinks websites, be it for small, medium, and large companies.

8. Through Web 2.0

In addition to creating a blog for free, Web 2.0 is also often used for activities to build backlinks. And of course backlinks from Web 2.0 is very effective in our SEO activities because the average Web 2.0 is a high authority in search engines, in other words Web 2.0 is already trusted by search engines.

Some Web 2.0 that is often used for backlinks building activities is; Blogger.com. WordPress.com, Blog.com, Blurty.com, Webs.com, Livejournal.com, Gather.com, and more. More details you can see the list here.

Actually there are still some ways to build backlinks for web / blog us, and will be discussed in the next article. If you have a different way or have feedback on backlink building strategy please provide feedback via comment below :).


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