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Traffik has a very crucial role in our business. Why? Because traffic is an object that can create a turnover in our online business, without any traffic we will not be able to create money.
To get good visitors traffic and thirst for information, of course the first thing to do is prepare our website or online store. So, visitors who come will be happy and lingering searching on our site. And this is very good for the age of our site.Type of Site Visitor Traffic
There are 2 types of traffic that we can bring to our site, namely:

Paid Traffic
Free Traffic
Both types of traffics have their respective advantages and disadvantages
Paid Advantages:

Traffic is highly targeted if you use a good promotional phrase.
You have the freedom of time when your ad is working (save time).
Traffic reach is very wide.

Sometimes traffic is not targeted, if you do not use a good promotional phrase.
Most only contain people who like to serching on the internet.
There is a price or money exchanged for a traffic.
Free Advantages:

Traffic can be targeted if you use SEO techniques.
The traffic generated is very specific.
You do not have to spend money to get traffic.

It takes time to get traffic.
You must set up and promote it manually.
Traffic reaches very little if you only use one free traffic media.

The examples of paid traffic are:
Facebook ads: facebook ads are on the right side of your monitor when you open your facebook. To get traffic, you need a credit card or paypal. Price divided into two, namely: based on view and based on Click
Google adword: This ad is based on clicks and based on selected keywords. This traffic is very, very targeted. You can choose the placement of ads on seach engine listings or on the website.
My click: This company is special for indonesian market. As I write this article, the perklik price is still Rp.500 / click. Your clicks will appear on well-known sites that have collaborated with my Clicks company. For more details, you can visit here: http://kliksaya.com/web/index.php
Solo ads: This advertiser program is only created by the owner of the website without any intermediaries. Usually these websites have high traffic, so if we want to advertise, we can contact the owner of the website.If for free traffic examples such as:
SEO: search engine optimization is the algorithm of search engines to menlist many websites based on the ranking. To get the rankings, your website must pass from the criteria set by the search engines. Among others: meta tittle, keyword, decription, Images, HQ backlinks, bounce rate, and much more. Later I will explain more details on other pages.
Facebook Friends and Group: This traffic is very easy to get. Simply by posting on your "wall", then the traffic will be obtained. Only your strategy is playing in this technique.
Youtube: The largest video site in the world today. To get traffic, you must create a video related to your site or offer.
Article Marketing: Article marketing sites like ezinearticles.com and goarticles.com are sites that have large traffic. You can get it by writing an or many articles and writing your website. So, the traffic will visit your site because it has seen your site link.
Forum: this technique is a great technique. Joining forums that match your business theme will help you greatly. Not only money you can get, but a variety of information and input that can make your business bigger.
Okay, I hope this information is useful. If you like please click LIKE in Social Widget below yes. If you question, shering or whatever you want to write, you can write it down.
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