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Hello YouTube video creators or YouTube Creator or in Indonesia better known as Youtuber! May you always be healthy and always the spirit to work. On this occasion I will convey the benefits you can get when your YouTube channel has 1000, 10,000 and 100,000 subscriber numbers. Curious? Please see below.

Subsciber on YouTube means the number or total of subscribers who follow a YouTube channel. Subscriber and customers are the same, just different language aja. Subscriber also signifies the success of a youtuber, the more subscribernya the more successful.

Do you know? Every day there are over 1,000 YouTube channels that get the first 1,000 subscriber counts, Waw! This number indicates that there are many who are interested to carve out their success on YouTube. Oya, this figure also tells us that every day there are more than 1,000 new competitors on YouTube. Well, we should try harder and be more creative again.

Okay just the following is the number of subscribers and benefits you can get:

Learn at the Creator Academy
To create a video and upload it to YouTube then earn that income can not be arbitrary, there are rules. Therefore we need to learn everything about YouTube more deeply, such as about Content Id, Ad Type and others. Well that's all we can learn in the YouTube Creator Academy or Creator Academy. Here we can also learn about how to expand our channel to generate more view, subscriber or even money.

Creator Studio (dashboard)
Actually I also just found out that the dashboard that I use often called Creator Studio. To access it you just need to click your YouTube channel icon on the top right then click dashboard. In this dashboard we can find a wide range, ranging from our video stats, video editor, Audio Librarary and many other things that are very useful for the Youtuber. Studio creators can be accessed from both PC and Android and iOS smartphones:

    Creator Studio for Desktop
    Creator Studio for Android
    Creator Studio for iOs:

Oya as Youtuber we should also know the latest information from YouTube. So do not forget to follow twitter @YTCreator to know the new news about YouTube is very beneficial for the creators. In addition to twitter you can also get the latest info through the link below:

    Creator monthly newsletter
    Community Creators

You can also contact YouTube Support if you have problems or questions via Email. The trick is to click the Help & Feedback at the bottom left of your YouTube Dashboard. But first try to search first your problem in Help Center. Perhaps your problem is already an example of a problem similar to yours and resolved.

Help center for creators
Help center for partners (Monotesi)
Monotesi aid forum
Cretor hub
Creator academy
YouTube Creator Blog
Google+ page

Audio Library
Music and sound effects are very important in a video. Unfortunately, sebegai video makers we can not carelessly insert music and sound effects have someone else. Because it will be fatal to our vedio. In this case YouTube provides solutions by providing music with free licenses that we can use to make videos without breaking the law.

Opal (1,000 or more)
For beginners, getting 1,000 subscribers is a pleasure in itself. The 1,000 subscriber count is the minimum amount to be recognized as Youtuber by YouTube. Some say, to get it quite easily, this is evident from the number of people who achieve this number every day. So what benefits do we get after getting 1,000 subscribers?

Creator days and local meetup
Creator days and local meetup is an event hosted by YouTube that is located not far from your home. However, because Indonesia is a country of greatness and very wide then the event is usually only held in big cities only. In this event you can do a lot of things, from meeting your idol Youtuber, getting acquainted with the new Youtuber, exchanging ideas, planning collaborations or sharing fellow Youtuber.

Workshop at YouTube spaces
If your YouTube subscriber channel has reached 1,000 then you also have the opportunity to attend a workshop or training on YouTube space, unfortunately YouTube space bulum is in Indonesia. We just pray that YouTube space is fast in Indonesia so we can participate in workshops and videos that we produce more quality.

Bronze (10,000 or more)
Bronze or bronze is a title given to YouTube to the Youtubur who has 10,000 subscribers or more. If to get 1,000 subscriber it is quite easy

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