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Backlink Effect Against SEO-Backlink has become the most important part in SEO. Without backlinks the foundation of SEO websites will not be strong. Make a reasonable backlink on your website. Do not overdo it because it can be bad and Google will rate your website as a spam website. A few days ago I had a discussion about Benefits Blog Dummy For SEO. If you build backlinks in such a way, it will be more secure than you make a lot of backlinks on the careless website because it will affect the decline in keyword rank of websites in Google and even lead to Google penalty.

Talk about SEO problems will not forget about Backlink. The sentence may be familiar to the ears or often you find in various articles. Now the question is, do you understand the sentence?
Seo is still a thing that became popular in the internet world especially for those who focus on the search results of search engines. No wonder we see there is a website that is still new but already has a backlink that reaches a thousand, does this have a positive impact on the website or otherwise could lower the ranking of search engine results like google and bing?
Search engine algorithms are constantly updated in keeping with the times to get the best search results for users. Search engines are not human beings who can distinguish where the mind and mind but using algorithms that have been implanted to rank websites according to predetermined criteria.
What is Backlink?
This is often asked by novice bloggers, then whether the backlinks are important for the blog? the answer is very important. Even sangking importance of many people who are willing to spend money to get it. On the other hand it is a lot of bloggers who do not care about the benefits of the backlink itself. They just focus on reproduce articles and promote blogs to various social media.

It does not hurt to do that, but the blog still needs a name backlink. If the house is a home, backlinks that are as the foundation of the house. Why is that ? because backlinks that make the position stand firm blog on search engines.
Backlinks come from two words ie back and links, back means back or backlinks and links means the address of a site. So a backlink is a link between a site with another site in the form of feedback. Backlink is a reciprocal link between sites, the relationship is a site address name. A Site Address is on site B, and vice versa.
Backlink software also has a devastating impact on the development of your website SEO. If you insist on giving backlinks according to anchor text on your website, then your website will experience problems and get a bad rate in the eyes of Google. So you should be careful in making backlinks on your website.
Is Backlink still influential?
This question is a question often asked by webmasters because they want the best and get number one in the search engine. The definitive answer is whether the backlinks still affect the seo only google knows for sure. However, from our backlink analysis it is still an effect on serp for the year 2016 in a small percentage. Why the percentage is small? okay .. we can check on a certain keyword, there can be seen that there are web that have backlink very much but is under position of web which only have very few backlnik.
As an example of this web which at the time this article is made still has a backlink o and the new web age 3 -4 days is a very young age for a web without any redirect 301. Apparently with these conditions also do not make the position of serp is far below, with the word others still have websites with lots of backlinks but are in position below it.

Better not to have backlinks from the backlinks are not qualified
Quality backlinks have an important factor on seo, it takes a selection of backlinks obtained so as not to affect the negract of the website. If you still want to collect backlinks, then avoid some backlinks with the following criteria so as not to give a negative impact, namely:

Backlinks that come from web spam, pornography
Backlinks coming from blogs or webs that are new (under the age of one month)
Backlinks from webs that provide too many backlinks. Actually no one uses backlinks from the web that provide many outbound links, but the web must be balanced between the content and backlinks. Just as many gooogle provide backlinks, but the backlink provided has a positive impact
Backlinks are soured from the web a bit of content
Backlinks from web content generated automatically (robots)

Make your source backlinks vary so that the quality of SEO better. In looking for BackLink of course the first thing you should consider is the Niche Blog. Whether in sync with your Niche Blog or not. If not better leave and look for the other (the seniche) only. Because all the links will be listed on Google's Directory. But the important thing is, not to look for BackLink from Blogs that have Niche in opposition to TOS Blogger. The traps can be found in the Blogger Content Policy. To find out what Niche is prohibited by them (google).
The second thing to note is the Quality of the Content. This statement is actually not me who said, but Matt Cuts himself who said. As I recall, he said "better 1 BackLink from 1 Blog with quality content, rather than 1,000 BackLink of 1,000 Blogs with content that is not qualified" The benchmark of the article can / is worthy of quality is the benefit to visitors. Matt himself asserted, "quality content does not have to be more than 500 Words, as long as useful it is enough to say quality content. "
It is no less important than Niche and Quality is Age Blog (domain) is. If the age is still as corn (no 1 month) it's good not to look for BackLink from the Blog. Because of what ? because, the new Blog should be looking for BackLink on our Blog, and instead we are looking instead for BackLink on Blog "corn" it.
Out of many Benefits It is good to influence Blog ranking in SERP. Turns out this BackLink has a Hidden Impact, that Can Make You Hooked. Believe it or not, BackLink is capable of making someone addicted. This is also the cause of the position of a Blog instead of rising instead "sag" (over backlink). And the most severe is put into the Sandbox by Google. That's a little review about the Backlink Effect Against SEO.


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