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Increasing referral traffic and getting more leads is a key goal every marketer wants to achieve.
There are various tactics used to achieve this goal, including using search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click advertising (PPC), blogging, social media marketing, etc.
You know, every tactic used also has its own weaknesses.
Like, SEO takes time, using PPC will cost you a fortune, Google will saturate because of too much blog content, and social media is always problematic in proving ROI.
But there is still one tactic that can potentially give a big effect, that is referral traffic.
What is referral traffic and how can you use it to generate more leads?
This article will invite and answer all your questions about increasing referral traffic and getting leads.
Let's start the discussion!What is Referral Traffic?
Visitors who come to your website because of other websites than from search engines are more referred to as referral traffic.

When someone clicks a link on a website or social media network and takes them to another website, tracking software such as Google Analytics counts visitors as referral traffic.
Website origin referred to as "referrer" for directing traffic from one website to another website.Why Are Referral Traffic Important?
Referral traffic is important for inbound marketers, as this has the potential to send qualified visitors to your website from other trusted websites.
This is an opportunity to showcase your content to visitors or new people, giving your website the opportunity to convert visitors into leads.
It is also an opportunity for your sales team to convert leads into new customers.
Not only that! Referral traffic also has SEO benefits.
When someone visits your website from another website, they usually click on a link or complete some kind of social activity.
Google and other search engines will consider this link and will be a positive social signal to boost your website ranking as long as it comes from a trusted website.
Sounds very good, right? Ok, then we should start to find out how to increase referral traffic and get leads. Keep reading this article!

Increase Referral Traffic and Gain Leads with these 6 Ways!

     Published on Review Website

Review website is a great source to get referral traffic.

Visitors here have gone through the awareness and consideration stages on buyer journey.

Now they have come to the stage of making a decision and surely they will compare the vendor or the product.

This is a good time to show your product or service in front of them to get into consideration of their choice!

Entry and listing on website reviews may depend on whether you are a B2B or B2C company.

Suppose you do a search for "review roofing company" will appear 3 websites that you want to be included as a list of relevant websites according to your industry; HomeAdvisor, BBB and AngiesList.

By adding your website to these 3 directories, you will increase the probability of finding your website by potential customers as long as they are still in the decision-making phase of the buyer journey process.
If you run a company by giving a sense of respect in treating the customer fairly, you will not have difficulty in looking different among similar competitors who do not have a positive review.
B2B businesses will realize that it will be much harder to appear in website reviews.
You must "pay to play," which means you have to be willing to pay the fee to pay in order to appear on the top review list.
For example when you searching on Google for "top mobile app development" then the first result that appears is Clutch.co.
They display a list of mobile app development companies with reviews. But if you look more clearly, you can see that they are actually "ordered by sponsors."
So basically, this company pays to get in on the first look of review on the website.
This became a way of poking Clutch into earning money but also keeping their reputation as a respected source for reviews.

Guest blog post creates many opportunities to increase referral traffic and get leads to your website.
External links (such as those inserted in sentence paragraphs) of the author's bios, and call to action are usually always present on blog questions.
If you can display posts on websites known in the industry, then you can get benefits in increasing referral traffic and get leads and link it to your website.
The best thing you can do now is focus on websites that are the leading sites in your industry.
Here are some tips you need to remember when doing guest blogging:

Focus on websites related to your industry field - No one wants to read a post about how to grow farming in a digital marketing blog because it has absolutely nothing to do, is it?
Set target audience in your mind while writing - most blogs have strict rules in placing guest bloggers.
Write your name under content - the goal to avoid someone stealing your work.
Connect to influencers - they will realize and will probably help you in promoting your post blog guest, which will help you in increasing referral traffic and getting leads.

Social Media Impact

A report shows, 89% of marketers say that social media generates more attention for their business.

In addition, 75% found that website traffic increased due to their efforts in social media.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest are the top 7 social media platforms that marketers use.

Being active in social media is not just a trend, but also a tactic that marketers use to get more traffic, leads, and sales.

Every time you share, like, tweet, or pin a piece of content, you've actually created an opportunity to drive traffic to your website.

Plus, you increase your chances of displaying your content on top of Google.

58% of marketers using social media reported an increase in search rankings.

As you said before, referral traffic not only provides potential customers but also helps you in terms of SEO.

     Comment On Blog

A question arises, "Does commenting help SEO?" And all you need to know is not only help SEO, but also generate referral traffic for your website.
According to Neil Patel, 240+ comments on his blog generate 4000 visitors to stop by his website.
Commenting on the blog will increase referral traffic and get leads: just make sure you do not meet it with spam.
Here are some tips for the newbie who want to comment on the blog:

Make sure your comment has a value - nobody likes a complainant or a bragger. If your comment is negative and just a promotion, we recommend saving it for yourself.
Focus on blogs that allow you to include links to comments - remember, you are trying to get more traffic. For that, you need to add a link to your website.
If you are not the first, then you are left behind - like search engines, if your links are on the top of the comment list, you can generate more clicks and traffic.

Become Active at Your Business Discussion Forum

Online discussion forums are excellent sources of potential leads and customers but are often seen as marketing tactics for generating traffic.
Similar to commenting on blogs, you should focus on the forums in your niche and try to always add value without audibly doing promotional activities.
Here are some steps and tips for marketing discussion forums:

Make sure forums are active - do not waste your time on forums that have no new updates in a month.
Register using your brand name - you'll want to make sure people who see your comments will also remember your business brand name.
Create a signature with a link call to action - this is one of your ways to drive traffic to the website.
Time to participate - You will want to participate in forums that are in line with your area of ​​expertise.
Use an example based on real life - do not just offer your advice. No one wants to know it all. Try to provide value based on your personal experience.
Share your source - start your new discussion by connecting it to a source that you think might be beneficial. If you like the piece of content then people will enjoy it as well.
You can access Qoura to join join and be active in your business discussion forum.

Use Infographics

37% of marketers choose visual as the most important element in presenting their business content.

The reason is very simple. Humans have a shorter attention span than carp and are easier for the brain to consume images than a set of texts.

You must realize that pet images get more like and share than a 100-page industry report.

The good thing about infographics is that it will help people to understand complex data with simple visuals.
The goal is that your infographics are more shared, like, and pin on social media networks and embeded on articles. It creates a link to your website.
In addition to your own website, Pinterest is a website where you can post infographics.
Pinterest is responsible about 5% for all referrals traffic to the website, while Facebook is next diurutan.
Pinterest gives you the option to connect your infographics to the website and make it easy to share them on other boards.The next step?
So now we're at the end of the article. What can be concluded in this article is once you start receiving additional referral traffic, the sign of your website is ready to be visited by new visitors.
Then what next step? You can learn more related things by increasing referral traffic and getting leads through other such articles

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