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these youtubers are shocked by the emergence of a de-monetization system on their videos. So some of the videos that they upload are de-monetized so that the content will not show ads and it's clear the video will not make any money at all.
Actually this is nothing new, YouTube's algorithm and monetization system has changed since the year 2012, it can be said that 2012 is the year where YouTube changed everything from views calculation, channel promotion, distribution subscriber and including video monetization.
The purpose of this algorithm change is to combat fraudulent users such as clickbait titles, misleading thumbnails, content theft (copas), and such. But in any case there is no perfect system / algorithm, unfortunately there are also honest and clean youtubers that are negatively affected.
Let's discuss them one by one.
1. Calculation of views
Views are no longer counted by clicks, but after the user watches the video for at least 30 seconds or half of the video duration. Logically, if someone clicks on a video title / thumbnail and finds content that does not match their expectations (misleading) then they will go away (leave away) the video in real time.
Therefore there is also a small preview display (mini preview) that appears if you mouse over a certain cue and minute in a video.

This system works quite effectively because it is very helpful in combating clickbait and other misleading content, besides the user so save a lot of time because it can immediately know / guess through mini preview whether the content is worth watching (worth it) or not.
2. Channel promotion
If you go to Youtube.com homepage page then you will be treated to videos from various channels that exist, usually we call as recommended channel / videos. Videos or channels that YouTube promotes and recommended more often will get more views, more subscribers, the more viral and more popular.
What makes a video / channel more often get promotion (free promotion) from YouTube?
There are 2 things why YouTube recommends videos to you first because of engagement and second because of watch time. If you frequently watch youtuber X (especially if often likes and comments) then YouTube will show X videos more often in the recommended videos section, obviously because each of your activities on YouTube will always be analyzed (cookies), essentially YouTube is always trying to provide content that according to them most interesting and relevant for you (engagement).

Then the next is watch time. The more "number of visits" on a video / channel the more likely it is that YouTube promotes it for free. Why? Because now is the era of engagement, where how long (retention) people watch becomes the most important factor in determining quality.
Although you do not have many views, you can still rank well on searches including promotions if you have a good user retention time. Up to now "watch time" is still the most important key to success on YouTube.
But behind it all there are some errors / gaps in the system.
Content that often uses clickbait / misleading thumbnails can still get promotions from YouTube if its viewers still spend a long time (watch time) to watch the video. We often see adult videos or controversy recommended not because the content is good but because there are so many people watching that the number of visits is very high and eventually get promoted.
We know a lot of nasty people on the internet, because this is vulgar video / adult videos are very easy to get promotion, yet in the end the quality / content is not so important because that is much more important "in the eyes of the algorithm" is whether the video gets a lot of watch time or not . The YouTube system itself is not perfect, they use bots that certainly can not judge the quality of human beings, in the eyes of "robots" of videos whose watch more times are considered more qualified and worthy of promotion.
Because of this we also often see the video daily vlog and gaming appear in the home / recommended channel, because vlog / gaming video format is a long duration and more easily produced so that the quantity of video produced more than video sketches / animations and so on, (vloggers & gamers) are more likely to get a lot of watch time and promotions from the YouTube system.
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One of the negative impacts of this watch time is youtuber-youtuber that dedicates quality like sketching / animation wherein they will spend a lot of time just for short videos it is getting harder to get free promotion assistance from YouTube (because it watches fewer timeways).
Of course short-quality video quality can still get promotions but must be backed up with a number of views more than usual. Ironically those who provide real quality (making videos more difficult to produce) are rarely promoted because of this watch time factor, perhaps that's why we often see youtuber-youtuber create a second channel (additional) whose contents are behind the scene from the main channel including vlog / daily activities of the youtuber.
3. Distribution of subscriber

The large number of uploaded videos and the number of users who subscribe to various channels, making the algorithm work harder to display the most interesting and relevant videos for you.
Getting views on YouTube is getting harder every day because every time there's always new videos uploaded, new youtuber pops up, and automatically makes users / subscribers have more choices.
Just like the distribution of news feeds on Facebook, if it is too much content then the algorithm will eliminate things that are considered unimportant and more often show what they consider most interesting to you (engagement).
On Facebook if your friends post something (status / photo / etc) and you never respond anything at all then over time your friend will disappear from the news feed. The same goes for YouTube, let's say "friends" on Facebook as "subscribers" to YouTube, if you've subscribed to a channel but have not watched those channel videos again in a long time so once they upload new videos you do not will get a notification.
This makes the youtuber have to work harder to build the audiencenya, because not all subscriber that they get will get notif and watch the video they just uploaded. You must have seen it often not youtuber that has 1 million subscribers only gets about 100,000-500.000 views for each video they upload. This means that most of the subscribers have disappeared and no longer care about the channel.
Usually this subscriber disappears because of 2 factors that are based on time based and engagement based.
If you do not upload videos for more than 2 weeks, your channel is starting to be in danger because in that timeframe your subscriber probably will not watch any video on your channel and in their YouTube eyes (subscriber) is no longer interested in your channel so on subsequent video upload subscriber you will not get any notifications. (time based)
Then if you frequently upload videos and subscribers you tend to ignore them (even if you get notifications), then your YouTube channel is no longer attractive to them and in subsequent uploads your videos will disappear from subscriber notifications. (engagement based)
Just like Facebook, as a youtuber you have to treat subscriber like a friend, remember that now is the era of engagement, youtuber that can attract the attention of many people and continue to make them back again (engage) will be the winner.
4. Video monetization

This is the system that is currently splashy (Sept 2016) the YouTube de-monetization. YouTube actually has de-monetized the video based on advertiser-friendly content guidelines since 2012, but just "let it know" to creators now.
Like the previous points, this is all done by systems and algorithms, the YouTube robot will look at the metadata of a video and other factors to determine whether the video is advertiser-friendly or not.
Videos that are not advertiser-friendly as sex-content, violence, terrorism, dirty language, gambling, drugs, political controversies, and the like will be de-monetized so no ads will appear, even if they get lots of views including their promotions will not get any money / revenue at all from the video.
Of course this is a good thing because in this way the creators of junk that often use clickbait it will not get anything and will kapok / stop by itself. So these junk creators are sometimes left alone by YouTube getting lots of views but no reverses at all.
The problem is that some creators whose content is clean sometimes also get de-monetized due to system / algorithm errors and worse is they can not do anything about it. That's why YouTube is now changing its provisions:

YouTube now notifies you if a video is de-monetized with the appearance of a notif beside the corresponding video in the form of a yellow dollar symbol.
YouTube also allows you to request a reconsideration of de-monetized videos (manual review), a goal to monetize back videos that you feel are de-monetized due to system errors. Videos that proved advertiser friendly after being investigated can then be monetized as usual.
Many youtubers are protesting because they have just been notified right now (since it has happened since 2012), many youtubers are confused why their earnings are erratic and difficult to analyze, obviously because some of their videos may have been de-monetized but they do not know that, if not also they can not do anything at that moment. This means that for 4 years (2012-2016) the youtuber has lost the potential income is quite significant.
Although the initial goal of de-monetize is that advertisers do not lose money because their ads are attached to junk videos like clickbait and other misleading content, but the name of the system is not perfect, some pure youtubers are also affected and ultimately lose potential revenue for the last 4 years, fortunately with the current system you can do something about it.
Additional monetize info:
YouTube shares 45/55 share revenue, so ad revenue will be split by 45% for YouTube and 55% for creators / youtubers. YouTube itself does not disclose the revenue sharing officially / official, but the figure of 45% is the most accurate allegations based on existing data.
Then for videos that last longer than 10 minutes, we can put ads in the middle of the video (bonus ads) that potentially display more ads and with it earn more income as well.
In fact, even if you understand how the YouTube algorithm system works now, nobody knows exactly 100% how it works because it is unlikely they (YouTube) disclose the secret / algorithm to the public. Why? Because people will definitely cheat the existing system.
I always remember the advice that Google / YouTube is much smarter than you, do not try to outsmart the system they make. Play by the rules and take advantage of the system / algorithm as possible. Google does not hate those who know the algorithm, but they hate people who are always trying to cheat / deceive existing algorithms.
After all, even though his name is YouTube in the end it is still TheirTube. You use other people's platforms that at any time provisions and algorithms can change as they please (Google), so it's important for us as users to understand the purpose of the existing system and play better than others.

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