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Factors From Domain Name1. Domain AgeMatt Cutts from Google Webmaster says "The difference between domains that are 6 months old compared to 1 year old is almost none.".
In other words, Google sees the age of the domain to rank, but that does not make it an important factor.
2. Keywords Appear There is a Domain NameIt now does not provide the rank boost as it did a few years ago, but having keywords in the domain still acts as a signal that the relevant domain and keyword filter are relevant. At least until now, in search results, Google sometimes still menghiglight keywords that appear in the domain name.
3. Keywords Is the First Word in Domain NameA domain that starts with their target keyword has an advantage over a website that either has no such keywords within their domain, or only has keywords in the middle or end of their domain.
4. Domain DurationA patent from Google says that valuable domains are often paid directly for the next few years, while spam domains are rarely used for more than a year. Therefore, the date when the domain will be deprecated can be used as a factor to predict the legitimacy of a website.
5. Keywords Appear In SubdomainsThe panel from Moz 2011 agreed that keywords appearing within subdomains can improve rankings

6. Domain HistoryWhat previous domain owners do will affect the domain even though it has changed hands, like the backlinks that still exist and Google also see the history of the domain has been spam, all though it has changed hands.
7. Keywords Exactly With Domain NameGoogle will still still provide websites with domains like this pioritas, but only if this website has quality content. Like multiplication, zero is multiplied regardless of zero.
Update Report from Matt Cutt on TwitterUpdate Report from Matt Cutt on Twitter
8. There Private Private Results WhoisPrivate Whois information can be a sign that our domain wants to "hide something". Matt Cutts of Google Webmaster once made a claim in PubCon 2006 that when Private Whois results are not a problem, but if they find websites that have private WHOO results that link to each other, we can guess that websites this is not owned by an honest webmaster.
* For domains with .id and .co.uk (like our domain, Berdu.id), we can check Whois results in pandi.id
9. The Whois Owner Affected by PenaltyIf Google identifies a particular person as an incoming spammer it is not unusual for them to suspect another website owned by that person.
10. Domains With Specific Country ExtensionsHaving a top level domain with a particular country code (for Indonesia is .id or .co.uk), helps a website to be ranked for a particular country, but will limit the ability of a website to be ranked globally.
* For an important domain name also to optimize it for our visitors, there are 5 characteristics of a quality domain name

Factors Of HTML Documents
11. Keywords Are In Title (Title Tag)
The title of one page is the most of the content of the page and therefore the title will send a very strong SEO signal.

12. Keywords Is The First Word In The Title
According to Moz data, titles that begin with a single keyword tend to rank higher on the keyword, when compared when the keyword is at the end of the title.

13. Keywords Are In Description Tags
Description is a signal of relevance other than the title. But now the buakn description is an important factor, though it still makes little difference.

14. Keywords Appear As Heading 1 (h1)
The h1 tag is the "second title" that sends signals of other relevance to Google, according to the results of h1 relationship studies and ranking.

Factors Of Page Content
15. Keywords Are the Most Used Word in Content
If the keywords that appear most frequently on one website are the same as the keywords in search, this is a signal that the content is relevant to the keyword being searched.

16. Content Length
Content with more words can cover broader broader keywords and tend to be preferred by readers rather than shorter shallow articles.

17. Number of Keywords That AppearThough not as important as it used to be, the number of times these keywords appear is still one thing Google uses to determine the topic of a web page. But pages with too many keyword percentages can actually hurt our website.
18. Content Has Related Keyword Groups Degan KeywordsGoogle uses LSI to help their machines extract meaning from words with more than one meaning. The presence or absence of other words commonly associated with these keywords also acts as a signal of the quality of the content.
19. Title Has a Group of Words Related to KeywordsLike the page content, LSI's in-in keyword title also helps Google search for synonyms. And it also acts as a signal of relevance.
20. Duplicate ContentIdentical content within the same (or slightly modified) domain will have a negative impact on our website ranking.
21. Rel = CanonicalWhen used correctly, the use of this rel = canonical tag may prevent Google from indexing duplicate pages.
22. An Existing Description In PicturesImages on the page send search engines signals of important relevance, can be from file names and alt text.

Website Performance23. Loading Loading PageBoth Google and Bing use page loading speed as a factor to rank. Search engine spiders can estimate the speed of our website quite accurately based on the code page and the amount of filesize the page.
24. Loading Speed ​​in Google ChromeGoogle may also use user data in Google Chrome to get a better handle for loading times, CDN usage and other signals from the speed of websites with HTML or other things.

Factors Of Content Update25. The Last Content Times are updatedCaffein Update from Google prioritizes newly updated content, especially for time-sensitive searches. To highlight the importance of these factors, Google even often shows the date of the last update of the pages of the website:

26. The Amount of Changes from Content UpdatesThe magnitude of the change is also an important factor of the freshness of content changes. Adding or deleting multiple paragraphs will be a sign of a more significant update than just changing a few words or word order.
27. History of Update FrequencyHow often is this page updated from time to time? Is it Daily, weekly, awtau every year just once? The frequency of page updates also plays an important role in maintaining the freshness of the website to keep it relevant to the time.

Keyword Laying28. Keyword UrlA content from a page has words that are similarly percistive to the keyword being searched, then generally rank better than the same keyword phrases but have different sequences. Because the different word order will often give a different meaning.
29. Keywords Appear At The Beginning of ContentIf a keyword appears in the first 100-word of the page content, this seems to be a sign of significant relevance.
30. Keywords are in H2, H3Our keywords appear as in H2 or H3 is also a signal of relevance, but it is a weak singyal.
For example, consider a search for: "shave cream". Pages that have content in the exact same order of words will rank better than a page that has the words "how to shave cats". This is a good illustration to explain why keyword sequences are really important.

Factors Of Links That Lead To Other Websites31. Quality of Other Websites LinkedMany SEO experts think that linking websites to other websites with higher authority will help send a trust signal to Google.
32. Link ThemeAccording to Moz, Google uses the content of the page we link as a signal of relevance. For example, if we have a page about goats and which we link to is a page related to a movie, it will signal to Google that maybe our page is about a 'goat' movie, not a literal goat.
33. Number of Links To Another WebsiteToo many links to other websites will damage PageRank, which can hurt page rank.

Quality of Content34. Grammar and SpellingAppropriate grammar and spelling are quality page signals, although Cutts from Google Webmaster gives a confusing message in 2011 on whether this is important or not.
35. Authenticity of ContentIs the content a self made page? If it turns out that the content was copied from another page, this constancy will not rank as high as the original content.
36. The existence of Widgets / Tools UsefulAccording to Google's current public Ranking guidelines document, providing additional tools / widgets is a quality page indicator. Examples such as currency conversion tools, or like the widget of interest loan calculator.
37. The existence of Multimedia Content on the WebsiteImages, videos and other multimedia elements can act as a signal of quality content.

Factors From Internal Links38. Number of Links From The Same Domain Referring To That PageThe number of internal links to the page shows its relative importance with other pages on the website.
39. Internal Quality of Link Pointing To PageInternal links from pages that are also qualified domains have a stronger effect than pages without the lower quality.
40. Links From HomepageLinks from the homepage play an important role in stating the importance of a page. Think if it's not important, why do you put it on the homepage?
41. Damaged LinksHaving too many broken links on one page is a sign of a page that has been ignored or abandoned. Google sees broken links as one of the factors to judge whether a website has been properly managed.
42. Level of Content Kesusuahan For ReadersThere is no doubt that Google estimates the degree of distress from one content, whether the article is an article for beginners or for professionals. Even Google to provide read the statistics of content levels:

But this is information that is debatable. Some people say that content for beginners will rank better because it will attract more mass. But others associate the basic level of reading with content for beginners will only make our website seem like spam because of the large number.
43. Affiliate LinksAffiliate links may not directly hurt our rankings. But if we have too many, Google's algorithm will pay more attention to the quality of links to ensure we are not a website that only sponsors other websites.
44. Error in HTML / W3C Validationa lot of HTML errors or careless coding can be a sign of a poor quality website. While this is controversial, many SEO experts think that HTML / W3C validation is a weak and unimportant signal quality.
45. Domain AuthorityIf all other websites also have pages of the same quality, a page that is in a more authoritative domain will rank higher than pages from domains with low authority.
46. ​​PageRankNot always perfectly correlated. But in general pages with higher PageRank tend to rank better than low PageRank pages.
47. URL lengthAlready many tests say too long long URLs can hurt ranking, because in general pages that are spam have longer urls because they try to include many keywords.
48. Depth URLA page closer to the homepage will get a bit of a rank boost.
49. Admin Working at GoogleAlthough it has never been confirmed, Google has filed a patent for a system that allows admins (humans) to influence search results.
50. Connecting Related PagePages with categories closely related to keywords will get a boost of relevance compared to pages that have unrelated or less related pages.
51. The keyword is in the URLIf the url has the keyword searched, it is most likely if the page is relevant to the keyword being searched
52. URL Has Keyword-Related WordsAlthough not exactly the same, but if the word in the url has a relationship with the keyword being searched, it can rank boosts though not large.
53. Giving References and Sources of ContentGiving references or content sources as done in research, and because Google used to be based on the way research papers cite references, it can also be a sign of a quality page. The Google Webmaster Guidelines state that we should keep in mind to provide the source or reference of the content, as it is an important authoritative source. But strangely enough, Google has also denied that they do not use reference links like these as a rank signal.
54. Bullet List Whether Numbered or UncategorizedThe Bullets List helps break down our content to make it easier to read, making them feel more content friendly. Google may agree with this and they are more satisfied with content that has a bullet list.
55. Priority in SitemapThe page priority provided through the sitemap.xml file may affect the rankings.
56. Too Many Links To Another WebsiteHaving too many links to other websites, will annoy the reader of the main content
57. Number Of Other Keywords Where The Page Is RankedIf the page is also highly rated for some other keywords, it could give Google a sign that it's a quality page.
58. Page AgeWhile Google prefers fresh content, older pages that are regularly updated generally outperform new pages.
59. User Friendly LayoutThe layout of the highest quality pages will always make the main content easy to see
60. Parked DomainsGoogle updates in December 2011 decreased visibility of domain-only searches.
61. Useful contentAs shown in the seroundtable, Google can distinguish between "relevant" content and "useful" content, which we need to know is something relevant does not mean something useful.

62. Content Provides Unique Value and InsightGoogle has stated that they do not need websites with content that does not provide anything new or unique, especially affiliate websites.
Factors Of Website Architecture63. Pages Contact Us / About UsIn hunting Google Quality Document states that Google prefers websites with those who have contact information that can be contacted. And there is a bonus if our contact information matches our Whois information.
64. Away Leap Links From Reliable WebsitesMeasured by how far the necessary link jumps to our website from one highly trusted website (such as Wikipedia). This is a very important ranking factor. We can read more about TrustRank here.
65. Neat URL ArchitectureA website with a good website link architecture helps Google to index our content. For example like having a category page. Examples are also like our blog is in https://berdu.id/blog and content is in https://berdu.id/blog/faktor-seo-google-ranking
67. Number of Website PagesThe number of pages a website has is a sign of weak authority. But we need links from authoritative websites to help Google differentiate our website from affiliate or spam websites, otherwise the number of websites will only ruin the ranking.
68. There is No SitemapA sitemap helps Google to more easily examine our website, and making it easier for Google will make them prefer our website, which means higher ranking.
For those who build their online store in Berdu.id, the sitemap will automatically be created at https://name-domain.com/sitemap.xml (for example our sitemap at https://berdu.id/sitemap.xml), you just put it in Google Search Console
69. Ease of NavigationA website that is difficult to navigate can hurt the rankings by reducing the length of website visit, and will be seen from a high bounce rate. This is an independent algorithmic factor derived from large amounts of data from visitors.
70. Have BreadcrumbBreadcrumb is a user-friendly website design engineer, which will help users (and search engines) know where they are on one website:

71. Mobile Friendly
Google officially stated that the webmaster to create a responsive website. This gives the website a responsive piority in a search via mobile devices. In fact, they are now adding "Mobile Friendly" labels to websites that feature well on mobile devices. Google has also started to penalize websites that are not "Mobile Friendly"

* For, Berdu.id client this you need not worry because everything you do in Berdu.id already automatically optimized for mobile.

72. Represents Content on YouTube
There is no doubt that videos on YouTube are given preferential treatment in Google results.

73. Use of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster ToolsMany SEO experts think that having two programs installed on our website can increase the speed of Google indexing our pages. Which also indirectly may affect the rankings by giving Google more data to work (for example: more accurate bounce rate, or do we get taffic from our backlinks etc.)
74. Have Reviews From UsersIf the website is in a review place like yelp.com and RipOffReport.com, it can play an important role that Google's algorithm sees.
Technical Factors Website75. Website UptimeToo much downtime or maintance or server problems can hurt our rankings (and may even result in page loss from index if not fixed). But this we do not need to fear if we build our website he Berdu.id
76. Server LocationServer Location can affect where our website is ranked in different geographic area. This will be more important for geo-specific searches.
77. SSL / HTTPS certificateGoogle has confirmed that their website with https is more secure and they use HTTPS as a ranking signal for one website.
To know more about ranking and HTTPS can be seen at: Improve Ranking And Website Security With Https

Factors Of Backlink78. Backlink Domains AgedBacklinks from older domains will be much more powerful and trustworthy than backlinks from new domains.
79. Number of Backlinks from Different Root DomainsThis number of referring domains is one of the most important ranking factors in Google's algorithm, as we can see from the graph from Moz:

80. Number of backlinks from different IPLinks from different IPs show a wider range of websites that connect to us.
81. Number of Backlinks For Different PagesThe total number of pages that have been in the backlink, although the link comes from the same domain is the ranking factor.
82. Alt Text In PicturesAlt text is the description of the image, the website that has alt text in general is a well-run website
83. Link Of .edu Or .gov DomainThis is a major controversy. Matt Cutts from Google Webmaster has stated that a domain like this is not a quality factor of a website. However, this does not stop the SEO experts to keep thinking that there is a special place in the Google algorithm for .gov and .edu
84. Authority From Home Page BacklinkThe higher the authority of the page where the backlink is coming from, the higher the backlink is valuable.
85. Authority Of Domain Of Origin BacklinkThe domain authority may also be an independent role in the quality of a single link.
86. Links From RivalsLinks from other pages that also appear in search results are more valuable than pages that do not appear in the search results, especially if the ink is coming from a page that appears in a position much higher than our page.
87. Total Share In Social MediaThe number of pages that d share in social media can influence the ranking, either directly or indirectly. But from what we know Bing.com search engine has been open to say that Social Media is indeed a factor to rank in their search engine.
88. Links From Low Quality WebsitesEach backlink will affect the ranking, unfortunately backlinks from low quality will have a negative effect.
89. Number of Nofollow LinksOne of the most controversial topics in the SEO world. Google has officially argued about the matter, that In general, we will not follow the dofollow link
But this shows that they do still do it, at least in certain cases. Having a fairly large number of follow and nofollow numbers can indicate the number of links from the organizers, because in general a website that has nofollow is much more than the number of follow links, and too many follow links will alarm Google for researching the legality of links we have could.
For more can be seen in: Why Google Ranking I Down?
90. Backlink Source DiversityHaving a large number of links originating from just one source is a sign of spam. On the other hand, links from multiple sources are a sign of a natural link.
91. The Relevance of a BacklinkLinks embedded within page content are considered more powerful than links found elsewhere on a page like in a footer.
92. Redirect Redirect OverlaysAccording to Google Webmaster links coming from redirect 301 will be by quality of links.
93. Text On BacklinkGoogle states anchor text on links is an indication of the greatest accuracy of a single page, even greater than the description of the linked website pages.
94. The existence of the word "sponsor" in the link / around the linkWords such as "sponsor", "link partners" and "sponsored links" will decrease the value of the linked website.
95. Domain Extensions From Backlink OriginsGetting links from country-specific domain extensions like .co and c.o.id can help our rank in that country.
96. Backlink Location In ContentLinks that are in the beginning of a content will be judged more important than links placed at the end of the content.
97. Backlink Location On PageWhere links appear on a single page is very important. Generally, links embedded in page content are stronger than links in the footer or sidebar area.
98. Links From Domains With The Same CategoryA link from a website in the same category would be significantly more powerful than a link from a totally unrelated website. That's why every effective SEO strategy today focuses on getting relevant links.
If we have a website that sells shoes, links from websites that only discuss about World War 1 will only lower our rankings because what is commonly discussed is totally unrelated.

99. The Relevance Of Backlink PageThe links from the pages that cover the related matters of our pages will be far more valuable than the unrelated links, though generally what the domain is discussing is still in one category with our domain.
100. Sentiment Around A LinkGoogle already knows whether or not a link to our website is a recommendation or part of a negative review. Links with positive sentiments around them tend to be rated higher.
101. Title From Home Page BacklinkGoogle provides extra value for links from pages that have similar titles, because experts generally only connect themselves with other experts.
102. Speed ​​Backlink IncreasesA who has rapidly growing links usually gets a boost in rankings. But...
103. The Lowering Speed ​​of BacklinkIf a page with a rapidly increasing link suddenly decreases linkage increase, this is a big indication that the page is no longer popular or is out-of-date.
104. Links from Highly Authorized DomainsA link from a website that is deemed to have high authority will be much better than links from a small website that few visitors
105. Link from WikipediaAlthough the links are just nofollow, many think that getting links from Wikipedia keeps giving us a bit of trust and authority in the eyes of Google.
106. Words around the backlinkWords that often appear around the backlinks that we can we will petrified to tell Google about what our page content.
107. Age BacklinksAccording to Google patents, older links have more power than newly created backlinks.
108. The Nature Of LinksA website with links that are considered more natural will rank higher and will not easily fall from its position.
109. Exchanging Inter-Webmaster Link
Google always insists on exchanging links with each other in excess is the thing that webmasters should avoid.
110. User Generated Content LinksGoogle is able to identify links generated from visitors or actual website owners. For example, they know that links from wordpress company owners at en.blog.wordpress.com are very different from links from besttoasterreviews.wordpress.com.
111. Use of Schema.org Or MicroformatsThe pages that support microformats can rank on top of the page without it. This may be a direct boost or the fact that a page with microformatting has a higher value.
For the website built in Berdu.id, each page will automatically have schema and microformat, so no more need to take care of schema.org and microformats.
112. Google Trust to the Origin of BacklinkGoogle's confidence with the origin of backlinks will directly connect to our website, because in general criminals are interconnected with other criminals. If Google considers our website to be a spam website, it is not strange that Google sees our website as a spam website
113. Number of Outbound Links on Backlink's Home PageAccording to PageRank, the increasing number of links will reduce the importance of each link. Although it does not damage the rankings, but links from pages that have many other links can hardly help us raise the rankings, if compared to links from one website that only specifically has one link addressed to us
114. Links From Forums.Due to industry-level spamming, chances are the links coming from forums will Google regard as spam.
115. Content Length From Home BacklinkA backlink of a 1000-word page will be valuable from links from pages with only 25 words.
116. Quality of Content From the Origin of BacklinkLinks from poorly managed and written websites or duplicated content will not give much value, if compared to links from neatly written, and multimedia content such as pictures and videos.
117. Link Where The Entire Website Of Origin Link Always Melink Into UsMatt Cutts from Google Webmaster has confirmed that if the links from the entire backlink's home page, link to us, then all those links are only counted as one link. Examples such as links coming from other website footers
Factors From Users118. Number of Organic ClicksClicked pages that are clicked more often will get the rank boost in that keyword.
119. Total Organic Clicks for All KeywordsIf in many keywords that page is often clicked, then Google can be more confident that any content from the website is worthy of having a higher ranking.
120. Bounce RateSEO experts not everyone agrees bounce is an important factor, but this can be a way of Google to test whether a page is qualified. The high bounce rate indicates which page

122. Number of Returned VisitorsGoogle also sees whether in future visitors will return to the websites they have visited. Websites with many returning visitors will get a rank boost on Google.
123. Bookmarks in Google ChromeWe know that Google collects Google Chrome usage data. Google knows what pages are already in bookmarks in Google Chrome, this is what makes some SEO experts think this is a ranking factor, although everything is still controversial
125. Data From Google ToolbarDanny Goodwin of Search Engine Watch reports that Google uses data from their toolbar as a ranking signal. However, in addition to seeing factors from page loading speed and malware, we do not know what kind of data they collect from Google Toolbar.
126. Number of CommentsArticles with many comments can be a signal of user interaction and quality, but this is still a controversy
127. CTA on GoogleClick through rate on that keyword, which is the percentage of people who clicked for our website page, when our page is displayed in the previous Google search results.
128. Old Visitor Being on Our WebsiteGoogle is very concerned about how long people spend on our pages, when it comes from Google search. If people see a lot of pages and spend a lot of time on our website, it is not strange to think of it as a quality signal.
129. Browsing History from Google ChromePlaces that users have visited or often visit will rank higher on Google.
130. Search HistoryThe more often one user interacts our website through Google, then the ranking for the search results from the user will increase. You can try it too, when you often search your website in Google then your website will be ranked higher (but only for you).
131. Geographic TargetingGoogle prefers to websites with local IP servers and has country extensions in domain names, especially if the user has given Google permission to detect their location specifically.
132. Safe SearchSearch results with adult content such as stories or pornographic images will not appear for people with active Safe Search.
133. Google+ CirclesGoogle will show higher results when we know if we have followed the Google+ page of the website
134. Websites that Have Breaches CopyrightGoogle will bring down websites that have been reported to have violated Copyright, for example, such as torrent websites.
135. Domain DiversityGoogle will make every effort to deliver results from different domains, while maintaining relevant results.
136. GmailGoogle sometimes displays different results for users who have Gmail, such as Gmail's existing shopping invoices, existing events, as well as flight schedules within Gmail.
137. The search is transactionalGoogle sometimes gives different results specifically for searches that smells of transactions such as purchasing goods or searching flight schedules.
138. Local Company Google+ ProfileGoogle often places Google+ from local companies above its search results.

139. Google News
Certain keywords trigger search results from Google News

140. Brand and Brand are big
After the Vince Update, Google has started providing websites of major brands and brands a special ranking boost for certain short keywords.

141. Shopping Results
Google sometimes shows a few snippets from Google Shopping.

142. Image ResultsGoogle often delivers the most commonly searched image search results in Google Image Search.
143. Easter EggGoogle has a dozen Easter Eggs. For example, when we search for "Atari Breakout" in Google image search, the search results turn into a playable Breakout game.
144. Results from single website to search Brand or brandDomains or keywords that are brand or brand will bring multiple results from the same website to the search results.

Factors of Social media145. Number of TweetsLike backlinks, tweets can affect their ranking on Google.
146. Authority From Twitter UsersTweets coming from old users, or authorized users on Twitter like Justin Bieber will have far greater effects than new user tweets.
147. Number Like on FacebookAlthough Google can not access a lot of data from Facebook, but some SEO experts still consider the number of Facebook likes from the page will slightly affect the search results, but everything is still controversial.
148. Total Share on FacebookShare on Facebook is somewhat similar to backlinks, but many SEO experts believe the share count is more influential than the number of likes.
149. User Account Authority on FacebookLike on Twitter, the share of popular Facebook users will be more meaningful.
150. Number of Google + 1sAlthough Matt Cutts of Webmaster has said Google+ has no direct effect on ranking, but it's a bit hard to believe that Google will ignore their own social network.
151. Authority from Users on Google+It's logical that Google will weigh + 1s coming from authorized users rather than users who rarely use Google+
Factor For Brand Name or BrandWhen we first started the business, our brand name was not known to anyone. And often when we search for our brand name Google will think that the search keyword is a typos of search words and will instead give results of a word improvement that they think is wrong.
The real example of Berdu.id when looking for the word 'berdu' in Google then the more often appear is the result of the search word 'two', things like this can make our brand name or brand can not be applied easily on Google. So it's important to signal to Google that certain words are the brand names we have.
152. Brands Have a Facebook Page that dilikeImportant websites tend to have a Facebook page.
153. Brands Have Twitter Profiles with FollowersTwitter profile with many followers is a popular one brand.
154. Have Official Official Profile on LinkedinMost real businesses have a page company on Linkedin.
155. Employee Noted in LinkedinSome SEO experts think if employees have Linkedin profiles, then the signal for the brand to Google will be stronger
156. Legitimizing Social Media AccountsA social media account with 10,000 followers and 2 posts can be directly interpreted differently than those with 10,000 followers and lots of interactions.
157. Often Name of Brand / Brand Written on News WebsiteBig brands always get a name anywhere either a website or social media. In fact, some searches for brands even have going to show Google News on the first search result:

158. Brand names that often appear even if they are not linksThe brand name is usually mentioned without a link to the owner's website page. Because of this Google sees brand names that are plain text as brand signals.
159. Number of RSS SubscriberConsidering Google has a popular service, Feedburner RSS, it makes sense that they will see the data that RSS subscriber as a popularity / brand signal.
160. Office Locations on Google MapReal business has an office. It is possible that Google sees data from location to determine whether a website is a big brand.

Spam Factor From Within Website161. Have a Link to a Low Quality WebsiteLinking our website with a low quality website will reduce Google's confidence in our website, which will be instantly visible in the ranking downgrade.
162. Fraudulent RedirectsRedirecting / redirecting the hidden if caught will be given a very large penalty, can even create a website until removed from Google.
163. Popup or Interrupt AdvertisementGoogle's guidelines, saying that popups and annoying ads are a sign of low quality websites.
164. Keyword Over-OptimizationIncludes page factors such as deliberately adding unrelated keywords, or excessive keywords.
165. Ads At The TopGoogle's "Page Layout" Alorithm will penalize websites with many ads even if they are displayed on the top page.
166. Hiding Affiliate LinksTrying to hide the affiliate link can bring a heavy penalty.
167. Suspected Affiliate WebsiteIt's no secret that Google hates affiliate websites the most. But many still think that websites can make money with affiliate links.
168. Automatic Program Result ContentGoogle is not a big fan of automated program results content. If they suspect that our website has used the content generated by the program automatically, it could result in penalty or deletion of the index.
169. Too Consider PageRankBeing too concerned with PageRank, such as making outbound links to nofollow and just creating an internal link to follow, will signal that the website wants to play the system.
170. IP Address Ever marked as SpamIf your server's IP address has been marked as the origin of spam, it can hurt all the websites on the server.
171. Meta Tag SpammingKeyword stuffing can also occur in meta tags. If Google thinks we add keywords in the meta tags to play with their algorithms, they can hit our website with a penalty.

172. Penalty from Panda
Websites with low quality content (especially content farms) are less visible in search after being hit by Panda alorithms.

Spam Factor From Outside Website
173. The entry of unnatural links.
A sudden entry of unnatural links is a sure sign that websites are trying to play a system with fake links.

174. Too many links from well-known websites often give low-quality links
Too many links from websites that are often used to play the system will hurt our rankings. So think please think again when you want to add backlinks from websites that are too easy to provide backlinks.

175. Links from websites that are not relevant
Famous analysis with MicroSiteMasters.com found that websites with a number of links from websites that have nothing to do with our website will only degrade our rankings. Even when the link is a natural link.

176. Link from the same IPIf a link found to an unreasonable number of websites with the same server, Google will immediately mark the website as an illegal link network.
177. Links with unnatural or spammy anchor textIf many links with unnatural or spamming text point to our website, it means our website is spam and this will reduce the rankings on Google
178. Manual penaltyGoogle has been known to manually share penalties. More can be seen on Why Google Ranking I Down?
179. Selling LinksIf caught selling links, this will instantly quickly lower the rankings significantly.
180. Google SandboxNew websites that suddenly get backlinks in the amount will be put into Google Sandbox, which will not appear on Google for a while
181. Google DanceGoogle Dance is a Google technique to deliberately shake ratings. It was created to confuse SEO experts who want to try to play Google's algorithm
182. DisavowDisavow can remove penalties due to non-quality links or spam to our website. This is Google's attempt to recover the rankings when quality links are not created by us.
183. Request for ReviewA reconsideration request if successful can lift a penalty.


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