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Link building is a way to get backlinks from other websites to your website.
If you want to get a lot of visitors, then you should occupy the top position in the search results. In order to get a good ranking then you need a backlink.
This is because backlinks are one of the main factors in SEO.
But it's not that easy ...
Currently Google (and other search engines) are becoming very tight in backlink selection.
So not all backlinks can have a positive effect for your website.
Backlinks obtained indiscriminately will not provide positive benefits, even in the long term can be dangerous.
Remember these 2 concepts:
Natural and quality.
These two factors will determine the effect of the backlink foundation you build. To get a backlink like this you need a special technique.
This technique is what you will learn now.
Big changes in link building
I understand you will want to learn link building techniques in order to get as many links as possible.
…Wait a minute.
You should read the concept if you do not want your website traffic like the following picture:

This website is subject to a penalty from Google. That's why the number of visitors dropped dramatically.

The cause: backlink.

Backlinks not only can have a positive impact, but also negative.

Unfortunately, the link building techniques you see through forums, social media, blogs, and even used SEO services that most of the bad impact.

The term black hat.

Why so?

Because Google has not been smart in assessing the quality of backlinks.

As a result, people used to look for backlinks as much as possible in a way that is actually prohibited. Before 2012, this way can still be used.

Now is not the case.

Google is now smarter in assessing backlinks. That is, if you use a banned technique then the risk of being penalized is VERY big.

That's why you have to be careful.

So many beginners are trapped.
For information, the following are categorized as black hat ...
... do not do this link building technique:

Private blog network
Redirect 301
Guest blog en masse at low quality website
Submit articles to Directories & Press Release
Web 2.0 which contains only 1-2 posts
Buying backlinks (using backlink services)
Linkwheel, pyramid, and tiered links
Spam in forum
Spam blog comments
Submit to social bookmarking in bulk
Confused? Do not worry.
You do not need to understand the terms above now.
The point is later when you meet the term, you understand that everything is categorized as black hat.
Unbelieving, this is a quote from Matt Cutts:

If the main strategy of your link building is to write comments on many websites to the extent that most of the links you have are just comments, and no one else really gives you a link, then one can now be categorized as a cunning strategy .

At a high level we are entitled to take action against manipulation actions or crafty link strategies that we think disrupt the rankings.
Then what's right?
Still remember the concept earlier? Links must be natural and quality.
Natural means given voluntarily or by permission of other website owners. Not a result of spam or auto submit.
Qualified means coming from an active website and good reputation.
Imagine like this:

You have a website & quality content
You are communicating this content to others
They recommend your content through their website
See the difference.

In this scheme, other website owners recommend your articles on their will because they feel your content is worth recommending.
That's what all the big websites in the world do.
That's what will increase your website ranking ...
... and that's what you'll learn right now."If it's natural, it's hard?"
It's true ... when compared with black hat. Hence, with the correct technique we can not get many backlinks at once.
But you try to think carefully. Which one do you choose:

Slightly backlinks, rank up quickly, without risk
Many backlinks, rankings rise slowly, high risk
Choose 1 (white hat) or 2 (black hat)?
As someone who wants to build a serious business for the long term, option number 1 is definitely much more interesting.
After all we just need a little backlink.
For easy to medium competition, it usually only takes ONE backlink with the method below to be able to reach the first page.
One backlink to enter page one!
Do not believe?
The article you are currently reading now is ranked 1-3 for some of the main keywords such as "how to get backlinks", with a very difficult competition.
Whereas the backlink is only 1 (based on Moz).
One more:

Using the technique I will teach below, the article can get a rating of only 5 of 3 backlinks. Though the competition is very high.14 Strategy to get quality backlinks
Please contek the way I did to get similar results like the screenshots above.
As mentioned earlier:
Getting backlinks like this is a bit more difficult, but you do not need much and your website will be 100% safe from penalty risk.
Remember, the strategy below does not instantly generate backlinks, unlike writing blog comments or forum spam.
There are preparations you should make beforehand.
But the benefits are enormous when successfully done.1. Provide quality content as the foundation
All SEO practitioners must agree, it is impossible to get quality backlinks without having quality content.
Back to the concept:
The backlink was a recommendation.
Logically, no one will recommend content that is not good. Yes it is, why not share bad content. Yes, right?
Not only that…
Google can judge whether your content is qualified or not.
Yes, even though Google is just a machine.
Assessing content quality is easy. For example, one of the characteristics of content that is not qualified: not read long by the visitor.
Just look for yourself on Google, it's impossible to have an article that is not qualified on page 1 (unless it's all not qualified)
That's why content is the foundation of link building.

The point is this:

Quality content can enter page 1 with a little backlink
Content is not qualified, impossible, although many backlinks
Simply put it that way.
13 link building techniques below also need quality content. Then you must have, at least 1.
Ah, the quality of mulu ...
... what does it mean quality content?
In short, the features are like this:

Its content is much better than other similar content
Topics are in demand by certain enthusiastic circles
Complete the problems facing many people
Served attractively so that it is easy to enjoy
Fortunately, I have 3 guides for you:

Creating content that is able to get backlinks naturally
The "KTP" method for creating high quality content
SEO article writing techniques
These 3 articles will help you create quality content.
Now, take 3-7 days to create 1 quality content.
Serious! Continue down if you feel you have at least 1.2. "Ask" to other website owners
Silly is not it?
"Where would anyone want to give backlinks ??"
Surely we will not immediately ask for it.
First, you should understand that voluntary backlinks from other active websites are the best backlink type. 1 backlink only, ranking instantly skyrocketed.
But they will not give you backlinks ...
... if the content is not qualified.
So, the first key is the quality of the content.
Now ... try selecting one of the content you have created. Think, "Is there anyone who would like to recommend this content?"
"If you meet content like this on Facebook or Twitter, will you read it?"
That's the first.
The second…
... there are 2 reasons a website owner recommends an article:

The contents are amazing (we discussed earlier)
They know who you are
This second reason is very important.
This has been scientifically proven. If the person who needs help is someone we know, we will tend to be more willing to help.
That's why we have to start a good relationship.
The stages are as follows:

Find some website owners in the same topic / similar to yours. Ideally our target website is already more popular and actively managed
Find their contacts and social networking accounts
Give quality comments every time a new article, tweet and share their articles, try starting a conversation through social media, put a link to their content
Catch a chat, start building good relationship with them
The most important thing is in the third stage.

Remember, we will have relationships with people who are more successful.
Most likely they will ignore you who is nobody. Unless we've done good to them.
That's right?
If you want to make friends, then both parties should be mutually benefited. It's not just you who bother them.

Connecting with successful people is the fastest way to succeed. And the fastest way to connect with others is to help them first.
This technique is simple, but the benefits for the long term are amazing.3. Broken link building
This is an advanced technique from number 2.
The point is the same, we ask others to provide links.
But thanks to one additional trick, the chances of success are increasing dramatically.
Before you go, the meaning is:
Broken links means links from a website page to another website that is dead. When clicked, the page is gone.
Due to expired domains, mis-written, deleted articles, or other reasons.
Well, in broken link building, we will look for broken links from other websites. Then we will help them fix the broken link by giving our website as an alternative.
Like the following example:

+1 backlinks!

Another example:

Website A has an article "how to lose weight".

In the article there is a link to another site article about "healthy diet". Unfortunately the link can not be accessed because of broken link.

This we can use ...

Create 1 article whose topic is the same as the article in the broken link earlier. Make sure your article is better than the original article.

To check the contents of the broken link, use the Wayback Machine.

Then contact the website owner, please let us know that there are broken links on the page and offer your content instead.

Because we intend good, then the chances of success are high.

4. Resource link building

When traveling on the internet, you must have seen an article with a model like this:

"5 best blog fashion in Indonesia", "7 travel blogger Indonesia", "10 game outbound in Bogor", and the like.

Most likely there are already many bloggers who write similar articles on the same topic as your website or business.
These articles have accommodated many links to other websites, 1 adding more links should not be a problem.
Instead they will thank you for adding their collections.
Do this to get backlinks:
Contact the website owner if your website category matches the article.
Inform that you have a similar blog, then ask them to view, check, and add your website to the list.
Give a brief explanation if it is necessary to facilitate their work.
More on resource link building is in the guide 14 SEO techniques.5. Peek backlinks and competitors' strategy
It is a favorite technique of many SEO practitioners.
You can see your competitors' backlinks by using the Open Site Explorer service, Ahrefs, Majestic SEO, OpenLinkProfiler, or SEO Spy Glass.

From the tool above, you will get a list of backlinks owned by a website.
Usually there are some backlinks that you can imitate.
Suppose from the results shown there are coming from a blog, website, or a particular forum, then you can also participate or try to get links on the same website.
This technique has enormous potential.
Your previous "blind" can now know why other websites can succeed.
But be careful with spam-type links, avoid websites that are of low quality if you do not want to be at risk.6. Website directories are clean of spam
Be careful, directory-shaped websites can be negative.
There is a directory website you should avoid.
An ugly directory of topics is too diverse, no selection selection, no visitor activity, and most of the websites listed there are also unclear.
At first glance we can know the directory is ugly.
Instead, a good directory is a tightly moderated directory so that the websites listed there are also qualified and have the right topics.
If you find a directory like this, register your website.
Normally a good directory is a business directory. You who have a business website, this is the easiest way to get a quality backlink.
Again, remember:
Do not submit to website directories whose reputation is not clear.

7. Guest blogging to get traffic

It's the best and easiest way to get traffic to new websites and to improve your ranking on Google.

So whenever anyone asks about backlink / traffic, I always recommend guest blogging.

The reason:

When new, no one person who knows the existence of your website. Even if you create 100 articles on your own website, it's still lonely.

There is 1 rule of success in marketing: get into a crowded place.

In other words, a website that has many visitors.

After doing guest blogging, then visitors from the website will know your website. They will be visitors on your website.

See for yourself the results:

The colored yellow is the result of 1x guest blogging.

1 post, 600 visitors, in 1 day!

Not just that:

From guest blogging, we get quality backlinks. So that our website ranking will go straight up.

And unfortunately, this technique is equally beneficial to both parties. That's why many bloggers who accept guest post, as long as the article quality.

But be careful:

Not all post guests have a positive impact.

At the end of 2014 Google states a guest post link from any blog can cause a penalty.

Especially if it comes from websites created just to accommodate guest post. Or website that sells guest post

This guest post is forbidden:

They sell guest post service.
Because Google prohibits the use of paid links like this, then you will be potentially penalized.
Do not believe it even though they say high quality.
If indeed the blog has a good reputation and you get guest post with permission from the blog owner without rewards, no problem.
Not just links, you will get a steady flow of visitors.
To find websites that accept guest bloggers with specific topics, use these keywords to search Google (without quotation marks):

"Topic" guest post
guest blogger "Topics"
"Topik" guest blog
guest post "Topics"
"Topics" write for us
For example: "guest blog business opportunity".
Once found, contact the blog owner via email.
There is also not mention that they accept guest blog, there is no harm directly contact the website owner even though they do not say anything about guest blogger.
To get started, collect 5-10 websites with similar topics to yours then ask them one by one.

The characteristics of a good website for guest blog

     It's old enough, more than 1 year
     The topic is relevant to your website
     The traffic is quite high, can be checked on Alexa or SimilarWeb
     The reader is enthusiastic, can be seen from his comments or social accounts
     The design is not messy and content is weighted

8. Feel the feeling with the ego content of the stanza

I am confused to translate the term ego bait into Indonesian because there is no term that fits.

This technique utilizes human nature.

How to discuss about a person / business / organization in the content that we make.

Hopefully they will realize the 'bait' of you, feel happy / proud, then promote your content on the website in the form of links or mentions in social media.

There are several examples of the application of ego verse:

     Creating content in the form of a collection of websites, such as "20 best health blogs in Indonesia"
     Creating the best content list content in a topic
     Discusses the specific success / story of a particular person in an article

Examples of egobait is quite successful for example blogging tips articles from the best bloggers in Indonesia. The article gets 1300 share and some bloggers I interviewed posted links to the article on his blog.

Another example,

I used to create "SEO quiz" where visitors of this website can test their understanding of the science of SEO. Those who pass the test will get a badge like this:

When they put the badge on the website with the link provided, then I get a backlink.
Make sure your content is positive, qualified, and / or beneficial to others. By meeting these criteria you can create an effective egobait.
If you want to create articles or content that contains ego verses, take advantage of the six elements of this popularity trigger.9. Attention attention with the link content of the verse
The term is similar to the temple ego, but the meaning is different.
As the above explanation, with ego verse means we provoke feelings (happy / proud) from others.
Link bait is somewhat different:
Link bait means we create content in any form that is able to invite the attention of many people at once so that the potential for getting backlinks so high.
There are several forms of bait link implementation:

Controversial articles are the talk of many people
Interactive content that is useful or can make people entertained, such as a calculator, game, or quiz
Articles that are the explanation or opinion of a news item that is popular
The guides are so complete that people will remember with the guide whenever the topic is discussed
Analysis of data analysis or research results

The page contains online marketing guides in various fields, and the presentation is different from all other content in the same topic.
The result, until now the page is the most page to get backlinks on this site.10. Take advantage of content sharing platform
Social bookmarking is one of the content sharing platforms that are often targeted by new website owners. But there are other types of content sharing platforms such as:

SlideShare - presentation content
YouTube & Vimeo - video
Medium - articles
Kompasiana - Artikel, Indonesia
Lintas.me, VIVAlog - social bookmark, Indonesia
Reddit - social bookmark
Some of the above websites are indeed nofollow ...
... they already have their own audience base, we can "ride" to get traffic directly.
No loss at all.
While it may not give SEO benefits directly but is a very effective medium for promoting content. In addition to a link, you will get visitors.
Be careful, utilizing this technique can have good or bad impact.
... depending on the response of others.
If your content there get good response from users eg in the form of comments, like, or sharing, then your link is classified quality backlinks.
Meanwhile, if on the contrary, it may even be un-indexed.
Therefore do not spam.
Posting spam on these sites is usually drowned because no one will be interested.
Better to send 1 quality content than 1000 spam content.

11. Create potentially viral content
If you are a creative person in creating images, videos, or music, try to make a potentially viral one.
The popular content gets explosive visitors, the amount of share to social media increases dramatically, and of course you will get backlinks.
Often 1 viral content is enough to make a website so popular.
Infographics are one of the easier forms of content to be viral than regular articles.
Make sure your website is social media-friendly by using interesting images / photos, install sharing buttons, and use the Open Graph metaphor and Twitter cards.
You can take advantage of these 6 elements of popularity triggers to create viral content.12. Do forum marketing, not forum spamming
For a website owner who is obsessed in looking for backlinks, forums are usually used as spam.
That's the wrong way.
Forums are basically the containers of people who want to learn.
If one of your content can help their learning process, take advantage of this opportunity to promote the website.
In addition to getting backlinks and visitors, your website reputation will also be awakened.
Beware: this is a forum marketing, not a spamming forum.
So do not promote your website directly.
Do this:

Find forums that match your main topic
Create a serious account, complete the data including photo / avatar
Answer any questions from the forum members with complete answers, so they do not need to read answers from others
Repeat for a few days until the forum members know you
After this you can start every once in a while put a website link
Many already popular websites used forums and community sites when newly introduced their website.
Because the forum is a place of the most easy promotion.
However, do not let your site get a bad stamp from the community site because the impact will be felt permanently.

13. Get links from brand mentions
This is the most effective technique to get backlinks from many websites if you already have a "name".
It's easy:
Suppose you have a brand or website named "BukaBaju".
Most likely the name of your website is already known by some people, and there are some websites that mention the name. This we call brand mention.
But not an active link. (can not be clicked)
In other words, only text.
We can contact them to change the text into active links, or backlinks.
The likelihood of success is very high ... those who have volunteered to discuss about you in the content will certainly not mind to convert so links.
Then, how to find this brand mention?
There are several tools:

Fresh Web Explorer
Google Alerts
TalkWalker Alerts
Mention (free 250 mention per month)
With one of the 4 tools above, you can get an email every time someone on the internet mentions your brand.
I will illustrate how to use Mention.
First of all, certainly create an account as usual.
Then after login, click "Create New Alert" button on the left.
(The look of his website may be slightly different)
Select the one you want to monitor, because I want to monitor the GuideIM then I choose "your company". If you want to monitor your own name, choose "you" ... as well as for others.

If you get multiple Tweets for your account, we recommend that the source of Twitter be disabled. This is because the free version of Mention only gives 250 mention per month.

Then you can also connect the FB and Twitter accounts to mention to the accounts are included.

Click finish ... done.

Next you will get an email every time there is mention for your name / brand.

If there is a mention without a link, contact the owner of the website and ask politely to turn the text into an active link.14. Using SEO services, but ..
Lho, was not I told you not to buy links and do not use backlink services?
Indeed most who claim to be "SEO services" only sell backlinks.
The severity of this backlink poor quality and obtained with spam.
This is the fact:
All backlink sellers are aware that their links potentially carry a penalty risk. But they will not tell you the risk because they will lower their sales.
So be careful with backlink services that provide many backlinks at once unnatural.
But there are also serious SEO services ...
These SEO services usually do not sell dozens, hundreds, or thousands of backlinks but comprehensive optimization ranging from online marketing and publication, content creation, and page structure optimization.
In other words, do not look for SEO services but inbound marketing services or content marketing.
They do not give you backlinks, but make your website ready to receive backlinks. Even more than that (because it includes marketing).Tips: if your website is purely a blog, SEO services are not needed. Those that need services like this are usually ecommerce, web sales products / services, startup, and web-based applications.Ensuring quality backlinks
Now you already understand the basics of installing and getting backlinks.
But there are still many more derivative techniques that are not specifically mentioned.
If you find other methods that are not written, all you have to do first is to ensure the quality.
Here are the quality indicators of backlinks:

Relevance to the topic of your website
Reputation of the website where the backlinks are installed
The nature of the visitors on the website, whether active or passive
The website is penalized or not and whether there is potential for penalties
The common language used
In addition to these 5 things, avoid the installation of backlinks on a website if:

The website owner invites exchanging direct links
Must pay
There are content whose categories are prohibited (eg pornography)
Direct links appear automatically without selection (for directories)
Lastly for this chapter, consider the following tips to ensure the quality of backlinks you build:

Build links to articles / content instead of homepages
Use a variety of anchors ranging from website names, keywords, common phrases ("click here", "this website", etc.), and without anchors
Use quality content for guest blogs and content sharing platforms
Diversify the type of website, do not focus on 1 website or on 1 type of website
You have completed 6 of 7 chapters


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