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Creating content is one of the most important parts of online marketing. Even I personally spend 2-3 days to complete 1 article.
But there's more important:
Promote content.
In order for new content or new blogs you can get visitors, you have to spend 4x more time than content creation.
This was revealed by Derek Halpern of SocialTriggers.
This means that if I make 1 article in 2 days, then the rest of the week is for promotion.
Why so much?
Because when you hit the 'publish' button, on the same day there are millions of other articles also published.
Your article is just a fish in a vast ocean.
If so, then how can a new blog - the unknown - can get the attention of the crowd?
The answer: content promotion.

Be careful: A big mistake in content promotion
Promotion in the online world is identical with the negative.
If you are internet lovers like me, definitely understand what it means. People on the internet do not like the names of promotions and advertisements.
Especially spam.
Therefore if you do not want to be a hated figure, follow these rules.

We DO NOT promote blogs ... what we promote is content.
Do you mean what?
This means that every time you put a link in various places, take it directly to the content you want to promote. Not to the homepage.
That way other people will not be confused.
Your content should be the best.
Not content that just copy and paste, replace words, rewrite. Your content should have new ideas in it, and most importantly: it should help others solve the problem.
To create such content read this:

Methods of ID cards to create content weights
Create featured content
Writing technique articles
People often say "quality content", "content is king", but in fact most of the creators are not concerned with their own content.
Some create content in just minutes.
There are also new blog owners who chase 5-10 content in a day.
Remember this:
You do not need to publish a lot of content a day.
Many big blogs only publish 1 article per month.
Because ultimately for websites that rely on content (such as blogs), the success factor is the quality of articles ...
..not the number of articles.

Do not use automation tool ...
... at least until you've got your own audience.
Talk to the person you want to promote as a human, not a robot. Manually do promotion.
All that is completely automated usually leads to spam.
No one likes spam.
After knowing all three things, now let's start to the first step.1. Setting up a 'feed' before the content is published
In fact, not all types of content will be popular.
Despite being promoted correctly.
Therefore the 'content promotion' mindset should be held since before the content was published ... even before it was created.
For that, consider 2 things:
Selection of the topic and its contents.
The topic of your content must be urgent or urgent. Topics that make others feel they should read right now.
Better still topics that can make them think "my friends should read this too!".
As for the contents, it should:

Credible - there are data / facts from trusted sources
Practical - can be done directly by the reader
Emotional - provoke positive / negative emotions
These three things I always apply in the guideIM blog.
If you have read some of the content on this blog (including what you are reading), you will realize that I often use data like graphs or percentages.
The goal is to look credible.

2. Create an email list and send it whenever there is new content

By building an email list, your content promotion efforts are many times easier.


You get 1000 visitors from various places.

Without an email list it means that 1000 people will leave. So next time you promote content you have to search for them again.

But if you are building email list, so like this:

There are 1000 people coming, some of them being subscriber.

So next time when you publish some content from your subscriber you will be instantly aware. This means that this time bring visitors so much easier.

It is repeated every day.

So by creating your own email list means you already have a traffic source that is always ready to receive your new content.

Better is not it?

Read this guide to start learning list building.

3. Get follower and post content to social media

There is a fatal misconception about the use of social media.

I'm sure if you've ever read an article about promotional blogs, would have read that suggested to post to social media every time there is new content.

This is wrong ... wrong.

Here's what I mean:

As a beginner we usually only have 100-1000 followers on Twitter / Facebook.

What happens when we post there?

At most only 1-2 people are re-Tweet / Like ... right? After that? Done. Nothing else happened.

This means you are free ngepost to social media many times.

The principle is the same as the list building above, but the media is different. Lastly with email, now with social media.

How to install the button / link / widget to facilitate visitors to your social account. Like this:

There are 2 things you should consider in using social media:
First, never buy follower / like.
Second, do not just share links from your own website only.
Follow these tips when posting on social media:

Do not use the title of the article as the content of your tweet or status. Describe content with short, but interesting.
Use 3 different contexts if you schedule 3 updates.
The principle of 2: 1: 1 ratio, 2 times share other people's content, 1 time share own content, 1 time update without link.
The use of images proved to increase the number of clicks on social media.
4. Mention other bloggers in the content, then tell them
His name is human ... would like to hear something positive about them from others.
Human nature of this one can we use.
For example like this:
I created an article with the topic "lose weight", in this article I recommend other bloggers in the form of links in addition to good reading.
After that I tell the blogger via email.
Then chances are they will be back recommending your article ...
.. in the form of links also or share in social media.
One example of this article:

Sampai saat ini artikel tersebut sudah mendapatkan lebih dari 1400 kali share.
Setelah artikel ini diterbitkan, saya menghubungi orang-orang yang disebutkan di dalamnya…kemudian minta mereka untuk share.
Ini responnya:

In normal circumstances, if you just ask for help to them to share then most likely they will refuse.
But in this case because we first mentioned them in the article, most would help.
Therefore, in your content always try to put a link to another blogger.5. Join the clean Facebook Group
Due to the large number of Indonesian people who are active in Facebook Groups, this community can be one of the best promotional spots.
Before joining, remember these 2 things.
First, do not promote to groups that are unrelated to your blog and content topic.
If your content is about dieting, join the diet group.
If your content is about business, join the business group.
(Believe you do not believe, there are also many promotions in the disconnected group)
Secondly, do not promote to a group whose content is mostly website link spam. Your post will not be visible in the News Feed of its members.
Make sure your selected group contains comments and lik ...
..not just spam.
There is also no spam.
Here are other promotional tips on Facebook so you are not kicked out of the group:

4: 1 promotion ratios, 4 times helping others, 1 promotion.
Promote links that really help group members solve problems.
Follow group rules. If you are not allowed to post links, do not.
No need to create new post for promotion. Place comments can also.
Do not join just for promotion. The main thing you should do here is to help others answer questions politely.
Do not let your website is considered spam by the Facebook system.

If it is so then almost all posts that contain your website link will never be seen by others.6. Join Google+ Communities
Similar to Facebook Groups. Although on Google+ more quiet but generally the community here more tidy and enthusiastic.
Spam filters in Google+ are much more powerful than Facebook.
So be careful, once branded as spam your website will never be able to show up forever. Because each post will go into the spam filter.
The tip is the same as the number 5.7. Join the forum site
Although the number of forums is not much and the content is mostly spam, but promotion in forums can also invite traffic.
Blog promotion techniques on forums are similar to those in FB and G +.
Your main task after joining the community is not to directly post the link ... So do not direct the comments that contain the links let alone create a new thread.
Instead, do this:
Answer the questions asked by others.
Forums are a place for people who want to discuss and ask questions. Not infrequently you will find people who ask about a particular topic.
If your item can answer, please let us know.
If not ... do not.8. Change the shape and publish in various places
If you have content in the form of articles, you can create video, PDF, or infographic with the exact same content.
From 1 to 4 at a time.
Similarly, if you have video content, can be used as an article.
Do not stop there…
We will utilize websites that already have many readers. Then the content of other forms we send to it.
Here are some popular sites that we can use:

SlideShare - presentation slides
YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion - video
Kompasiana, Medium, Rubrics OkeZone - article
Visual.ly - infographic (see other website)
iTunes, SoundCloud - podcasts
Scribd - ebook
In these websites there are already many people who are ready to eat your content.
So if in the content published on these websites there is a link to your website, then you will get a lot of traffic.
Yummy again:
Content on sites like YouTube, SlideShare, Kompasiana, etc. will be easier to get ranked on Google than new websites.
Therefore your content will also get traffic from search engines.9. Monitor conversations and relevant new content
Suppose you have content about 'learning English'.
Apparently in a community site there are some people who ask each other, how the hell is the way to learn English effectively?
It's an opportunity for content promotion ...
There are already people who need reading, we just come and give the link.
But the thing is, the internet is wide. Then how can we find if anyone is talking about a particular topic?
There are several tools that we can use to monitor.

Google Alerts
Fresh Web Explorer

Although for other purposes, but how to use Fresh Web Explorer I have explained here (number 1d) and use Mention already described here (number 13).

This time I will explain for Google Alerts.

Not difficult, just change the settings to be like the following picture:

Furthermore, whenever there is content / discussion according to the topic then you will be notified via email.

Actually the most complete Mention because included on Facebook and Twitter as well. But the free version can only be for 250 notifications per month.

Alternative (for the Twitter monitor) you can use Warble.
10. Write an intelligent and useful comment on another blog

I am a strict person when doing blog comment moderation.

In this blog alone, less than 10% of the incoming comments I publish. Not included that automatically netted Akismet spam filter.

Blog comments are helpful:

     Getting direct visitors (though not many)
     So it is known by the blog owner (if the comment is extraordinary)

But silly many people who do spam ...

Examples like this:

This comment is written manually ... not with software.

But no intention.

Do not waste your time writing this comment. Not useful for anyone, including yourself.

Will not rank you in Google up.

But there is a comment that is indeed the intention to comment:

Not for long, but because he wanted to ask / discuss.

If you want to benefit from comments, at least it should be like that.

There's 1 more type ...

This is if you want to start a relationship with the blog owner.

The blog owner would be happy to get a comment like this, compared to a simple comment.

You will get a positive image.

After that, the road to further relationships will be wide open for you.

11. Guest blogging on popular blogs

Whenever anyone asks me how to get traffic, I always say this:

Go to a place that has a lot of traffic.

Naturally ... for a new blog that is still quiet, even if you publish 100 articles per day - without stepping out - it will still be quiet.

Therefore community sites become one of the most effective solutions.

Not just community sites,

There is still 1 more powerful way to directly bring visitors.

Guest blogging on popular blogs.

That way the reader of the blog will immediately recognize you and directly to your own website.

There is another bonus,

Through guest blogging because we also get backlinks then ranking in search engines will also increase dramatically.

For anyone who has a new blog, do guest blogging on popular sites. The result will not disappoint if done correctly.
Some tips for doing guest blogging:

Do guest blogging only on websites whose owners are still active
Make sure the reader on his blog also actively commenting that is not just grateful (as the example above)
Do not do guest blogging if the website is mostly guest blog
The blog topic should be the same as yours
Read more on this link building article.11. Make the reader can help promote
Content will never become popular if only you are a self-promotion.
The reader should also be active.
So your main challenge is not "how to promote", but "how will the reader also promote".
Here are the tips:

Use the 6 elements of popularity triggers
Use interesting images
Create long article (> 2500 words)
Provide share button
Ask them to share
Let us discuss further.
There is a strong correlation between the length of the article and the number of shares.
Based on research conducted by BuzzSumo on 1 million articles, the longer the article then the higher the share is higher:

So next time you create an article, do not be satisfied with the short ones.

Try to make a long article.

Also you should also note is the placement of the share button. It sounds trivial but actually very influential.

There are 3 places of effective share buttons:

     At the beginning of the content
     At the end of the content
     In addition to content (come down when scrolled)

The share button that comes down when scrolled usually gives the highest number of clicks.

There is also a place in the middle of an article like this:

12. Build tribes and cross promotion with other website owners
Anything done together usually results better than one.
So instead of working alone, how about working with other bloggers?
They want to be popular ... we also want to.
Both parties are mutually benefited.
This technique will be more effective if you already have an audience. For example a follower or email list.
Stages to start like this:

Find 2-5 bloggers in the same topic and the same "level"
Write a comment on his blog (like example 3 in technique No. 10 above)
Wait until your comment is replied
Send an email, invite for cooperation
Cooperation that you can do in the form of each other put backlinks in the content, each Tweet, email to subscriber, etc.
This is commonly referred to as Tribe.
But be careful not to disturb your own follower / subscriber.
For English speaking content, there is a platform that can be the link. Triberr.13. Contact those who have shared similar content
If someone has already shared content in a topic, they will tend to be more receptive if we offer similar content.
First of all, look for content similar to your content.
Usually in the research process when creating articles we have found many similar articles. Save the links of the article.
If not already present, follow these steps.
Go to BuzzSumo.
Enter your content keywords.

Click 'View Sharers' for whose Twitter share count is over 20.
These are the people who shared the article.
The next step is to find the email address ...
Send an email like this:

Hello mas [name],

Introduce .. my [your_name] of [nama_blog_anda].

I saw a few days ago mas [name] shared the article from [nama_blog] (this one: [link_artikel]. It's really good for this article [story_the story].

Incidentally I am also making an article about [topic].

If mas [name] would like to read more about [topic], look at this article I made this mas. Here's the link [link_artikel_anda].

Please also advise if you wish.


[your name]
If there is no email, immediately mention via Twitter.
I personally honestly have never tried to speak Indonesian content, but for UK content the chances of success are quite high. More than 30%.
This technique is easy, and the benefits are great.
But there are big obstacles:
Though if you think again, actually worst case scenario at best just your email is not replied. That's right?Now, do this ...
Science as good as anything will not be useful if not applied.
So this is your job:

Make sure your content meets quality standards, and the topic is needed by others.
2. Find the right community site.

Join in, share what you know with the community before you start promoting content.

Make sure there is already a share button and email registration form on your website.

Leave a comment below if there is something that is not understood.

Please continue reading this article if you want to learn more about how to increase blog visitors.


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