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As YouTuber, sometimes we are confused determine the niche (topic) video that we will upload to YouTube. This list is not an absolute guide, but only my thoughts and experiences during YouTube play.
What are the 10 Youtube Niche Which Can Be The Boom?
Let's take a look:

1. Niche funny video (Funny)Keywords (keywords) funny always appear as the most common word people type in all search engines (search engines) on the internet. Reasonable indeed, because who does not like to laugh because of funny things? In addition, not a few also want to entertain others with a funny thing. Because funny videos make people happy. This type of video is also likely to spread easily and not impossible to be a video trending.
2. Strange video Niche (Weird)Can not be denied, the internet is often a strange place, complete with strange people who like to make weird and strange style. Weirdness is always popular on the internet. The oddity factor obviously can make our YouTube video ogled a lot of audience.
3. Inspirational video Niche (Inspiring)Inspirational stories are always sought after by many people. Anything that smells inspirational can become so popular so quickly on YouTube.
4. Stunning video Niche (Shocking)Whatever is really surprising is always a hit on the internet. Especially if he shaped the video, it means that surprising thing is really real. A surprising video can even be a viral video and may be the subject of online or offline media coverage.
5. Interesting Niche (Interesting)Curiosity is a powerful tool that makes people watch our YouTube videos. When we manage to make people curious, as if we were itching to the audience who asked for carded, something good right?
6. Sexy video NicheAh this niche hell already need to be discussed again yes: p but if Fast Do not Pake kayak Ginian yes ,. : D
7. Niche personal videoEveryone has a tendency to be curious about the personal life of others. The same is true with internet users. The internet users are often curious and like to watch personal things in other people's lives. This type of video usually contains funny and odd and potentially popular videos.
8. Niche video demoNot infrequently the demo of the use of a product can be a "tasty" video niche. Take a look at some videos on YouTube with the keyword "iPhone", very many videos containing a demo of the use of this gadget.
9. Niche instructional video (teaching)This type of video is useful and not difficult to create. The content is a demonstration of how to do something. This instructional video type can help the audience and be able to gain the trust and interest of our YouTube video audience.
10. Niche videos are disgustingThis type of video for example like the show "Fear Factor" or the video "Jackass II". The type of video that can be a magnet for many people to watch. But please distinguish between disgusting and nauseating or obscene, because videos that make nauseous or obscene will actually be avoided. Try to combine a humorous video with a little disgusting stuff, maybe it's potent to invite a lot of viewers.
With a record if you want earnings on Youtube should be a creative and do not origin reupload other people's videos.

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