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10 Latest SEO Techniques 2018-Best SEO Tips
If you have an elegantly designed website, there are many possibilities that your visitors will love your site. However, it will not guarantee your blog to get ranked higher in Google, Yahoo and Bing, etc.
Therefore, today in this article, SL Blogger will tell you the 10 best and best SEO techniques, and of course also be a SEO trending to improve your rankings by 2018
Before going any further, what exactly is SEO?
SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. But what does that mean? SEO is the process of increasing your site traffic to make the website visible on Google, Yahoo, and Bing or other searchers. The higher your blog appears in search results, the higher the number of visitors to your site.
Read also: 10 Ways to Make SEO Articles 2018 In order to rank 1 Google10 Best Newest SEO Trend 2018What is the best way to improve your Search Engine Ranking? The answer of course with menggunkan SEO tenik. As for other techniques only as a supporter of this SEO technique.
Basically, there are many methods we can take to improve your blog's ranking in Google search engine traffic, for example. The following ten methods will help you to find out how best to get a higher rank in the searh engine. So do some of the latest SEO techniques below.

1. Title page (page title)
The title of the page should also refer to the title of your site, or it could be from any other page of your blog site. The Title page represents to the visitor, that the title becomes an overall picture of what's on your site or blog page. Other optimizations can also be done by simply providing short and relevant descriptions. The title page should also be interesting and contains keywords that are targeted previously.
2. Keywords (keywords)
Keywords are a very important part of every single content of your blog. Keywords will be helpful if the user wants to get information about certain things. So, always try to do keyword research for the content page or in the process of determining the niche / topic of your new blog.
3. Sitemap
The sitemap allows webmasters to enter additional information into our blog URL.Moreover if you do external optimization links either influencer links or on related pages (relevant content), it will make more chances to get higher Scores on search engines.
"My Blogger Lab, one of the world's most famous template designers (templates), says My Blogger Lab, one of the world's leading template templates.This will give more percentage for search engine to find the content and other pages of your blog quickly.
4. URL structure
Url becomes an important code for mein search. With the easy-to-understand URL structure, it's likely that your blog content page will be faster indexed by Google bots until it finally appears on Google search pages. Because, in addition to what I have said before, the role of URLs will also allow users to get what they want.
So URL optimization will have a poetic effect on you. The blog URL structure as well as a short content page can improve the user experience better. The best advice is also in addition to the short url structure, also attempted to load targeted keywords.

5. Quality of content
In addition to relying on good quality content, it turns out that the content update is also very important in getting a higher SEO rankings. Content that is always fresh, up-to-date, will show your blog remains relevant for its "epoch". If you have a blog website, you should post content regularly to get higher rankings on search engines.
6. Quality Design (responsive or mobile friendly)
Now, for example this site, many visitors are coming from Mobile devices. That means, in the year 2018 this mobile-friendly mode into the current blogging trend. So, try your blog display mode Mobile friendly or responsive design. Apart from that, it turns out Search Engines also provide more restrictions on sites that are compatible to smartphone / mobile devices. Web developers should take into account that their web apps are kept user friendly.
7. Use ALT tags
If a website has galleries or lots of photos and videos to load, you should use ALT tags to display alternate or text information about sharing the content you own. ALT tags will help search engines to search your pages to the fullest.
8. Meta data
Meta descriptions on the pages of the website provide more choice of information to the search engines to give you an overall picture of your blog page. You can apply three meta data such as title meta data, description and keywords in the tag.
9. Optimize page image size
It is recommended to use small size images, as needed. In addition to speed up the look of the page, it turns out this way as the implementation of the 6th point, especially the optimization of mobile-friendly pages.

10. User Experience
User experience or often called User Experince (UX), is an important term in every technical blog / website creation. This includes how long blog visitors feel at home on your article page. So, blog with the principle of user experience will be favored visitor.


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